The Beatles Best Song With A Name In The Title


Just thought we’d try another angle for a Beatles poll. I’ve not included Her Majesty, nor the Honey Pies, because I don’t consider those actual names (not that anyone would vote for any of them). I was on the fence with Lady Madonna but I threw it in there.

What, no I Am the Walrus?

Scandalous! :smiley:

Shit, I only voted for one, Dear Prudence. I would also definitely add Eleanor Rigby and probably Lady Madonna if I had actually read the OP before voting.

Eleanor Rigby. It tells a complete story in three verses.

I went with Dear Prudence, Eleanor Rigby, and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

Lady Madonna, Michelle, and Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite are my next tier.

Eleanor Rigby (that’s a big duh!), Hey Jude, and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – the latter just to piss off all the MSH haters. (Well, not just – I really do like the song a lot!)

Otherwise I’d say Michelle, Lady Madonna or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds would have gotten the third slot.

That wasn’t my ONLY reason (it’s legitimately one of my favourite Beatles songs, not just among those with names in the title), but I was certainly thinking of that when I chose it.

Aw, Tengu, you caught me before I edited! But yeah, I shouldn’t have said it was just for that reason. I get a real kick out of MSH; makes me grin whenever I hear it.

As the edit was leaving your keyboard, I crept up from behind. >_>

I like Maxwell and his hammer as well; don’t really get the hatred toward it.

And thanks to the three people who voted for me!

Just noticed - one dude voted for no less than 13 entries.

So much for reading the rules.

And how about that hot chick, Penny Lane?

(And the depressed guy named Jay who had a street named after him)

I vote for Dizzy Miss Lizzy and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band reprise.

I went with Dear Prudence, Eleanor Rigby, and Doctor Robert (because I really like George’s guitar parts on it).

Dizzy Miss Lizzy was written by Larry Williams - I only went for songs written by The Beatles.

As for Sgt. Pepper reprise, I considered including it, but decided one Sgt. P. was enough.

Anna was written and originally released by Arthur Alexander and shouldn’t be in the list either.

Lovely Rita is the clear winner, IMO. It showcases the Beatles working at their best, because it blends McCartney-style dance-hall singing and piano with Lennon-style psychedelic background vocals. It tells a story with clever lyrics. It has changes in mood and tempo.

Lady Madonna would probably be my second choice. Many of the others, while excellent, are just a bit too one-note to be among the best.

You can vote for more than one? Shouldn’t it read What are the best Beatles songs …" then.

i voted fro “Hey Jude”. I know it is kind of cliched to pick as a best Beatles song, but it is a great song, no denying.


Suitability of Beatles songs for naming your daughter after

You’re right. My bad.

Nope. We’re still in search of the best Beatles song, regardless of how many votes are allowed.