The best Obama shwag

I wasn’t exactly sure where to put this thread, but it seems pretty Cafe Society like to me.

I don’t think any president has ever been such a boom to the shwag industry, but what is the really quality shwag that people will respect later?

I’ve got the Chicago Trib from Nov 5th, but that’s not really shwag. Obama signs I think are shwag, too bad I chose not to take one when I donated. I just figured it would be more effective in someone elses lawn since I don’t actually live on the road. I tried to get an Obama onsie for my kid, but the Obama site crapped out when I tried to order. But what about the unofficial stuff?

Obama cereal
Dave’s Obama sauce. (It tastes like Tobasco so don’t open it, just save it and use Tobasco.)
Obama Condoms
What else is out there. What do you think will turn out to be the best Obama shwag? What wil be the “in the package 1982 Boba Fett with a gun”* of Obama shwag?

  • Or whatever is the big deal for Star Wars collectors?

What is “shwag”? Is it different from "swag’?


Obviously, I had the word wrong. For some reason I always called it shwag. Of course I meant swag definition 2. Now that we have corrected my urban lingo, do you have anything useful to say on the subect, or are you just driving by to poke fun at how foolish I must feel for getting the word wrong?

I got a bunch of buttons, both as a volunteer and by ordering from and You can also get T-shirts, polo shirts, hats and about a zillion other products there (and that’s not even counting

Don’t throw the towel in to early, WarmNPrickly, I say schwag too:

[sup]See, I too am the coolest of the cool![/sup]

They promised me a tee-shirt when I made my donation. I’m still waiting.

Not any of these, I’m pretty sure.

i wanted one of those obama tire gauges that the mccain campaign gave out. they backfired in a rather unexpected way.

Oooh! That’s a good one.

Thanks, I knew that’s what I had heard over the years. Still I guess I spelled it wrong. Anyway, it’s not meant as a grammer thread so whatever you want to call it is all good with me as long as the context is clear.

I’ll tell you what made me think of this. My parents brought up a bunch of junk I had sitting at their house from years ago. As I was sorting through it I found an “I Like Eisenhower Nixon” pin. I’m way to young to have that thing. I have no idea where I got it, but suddenly it’s one of my coolest possesions.

I just have the Tribune and Shwag is a perfectly cromulent word.

Hey, Mooch. How’s Earl?

My favorite button out of the many that I got at the convention was the button depicted here, top left of the image (there were t-shirts, too, but I was after buttons). I liked it so much I got some extras to send to friends in distant locales. Sadly, mine slipped off (or was taken from) my backpack on Election Day.

I love that!

After having looked through some stuff on ebay, I wonder how much of it is genuine. How can you tell the real schwag from the stuff some dude made up once he realized he could make a mint on the gullible? I remember when Enron colapsed, my brother-in-law wanted some Enron parephenalia. I got him an Enron retirement mug, but the fact is that it was so cheap and there was so much of it on ebay, that I’m pretty sure people were just printing new stuff on demand. For gifts I could care less since it’s cheap and I can play ignorant when they find out it’s fake, but how can be certain your getting the real thing.

I noticed a guy selling the tire gauges for 5 dollars a piece. I think some company printed out thousands of them after they realized there was a demand and most people wouldn’t check.

I always assume that I am behind the lingo curve and wondered if this was a new term or variation.

Don’t assume hostile intent.

When I went to the Obama rally here people were walking around the long line to get in selling stuff. People had printed all sorts of different tshirts, buttons, posters, even towels. Yard signs, stickers, everything. None of it “official.”

I’ve got a couple buttons and bumper stickers, and a t-shirt. All from either MoveOn or Obama’s official website. Had a yard sign too a friend got for me.

Next time David Plouffe writes to me with his hand out, I’m going to write back and ask where my car magnet is.

Bah. Chum.

It makes me cry. Especially lawn signs. Speaking of, I hear law signs are going for a few hundred bucks on Ebay.

i just remembered, there is a memorial button for obama’s grandmother. it has her name, year of birth, year of death, there is a candle burning, and in the candle is the obama logo. the logo is very faint and you have to really study it to see it.

we only got a few of these buttons but they were hard fought over. i thought they were nice and rather well done.

I got mine the day after the election.