The best thing about a "Subway Series".

No matter who wins or loses all the damage should be localized to the state of New York.


Thank God for small favors? :smiley:

Seriously, if it wern’t for the fact that it’s blasted over the TV every 20 minutes, I’d never know what is happening in the series.

I turned it off when I learned it’s not being played in the subway at all. Talk about false advertising!

Damage? Are you implying some mass unrest is due in NYC?

We’ve done this rant before, but New Yorkers just don’t riot upon the victory or loss of one of our sport franchises.

Chicago does, L.A. does, Vancouver does, Detroit does, Denver does. But New York just doesn’t. And it certainly ain’t due to a lack of championship games.

It’s just so tacky.

And do you have a general question here or are you just venting your frustration with your city’s inadequacy?

To come to L.A.‘s defense, the only time there ever has been violence after a team won a championship was with the Lakers’ win earlier this year.

As Keith Olbermann pointed out on a broadcast, LA teams have usually won their decisive games on the road or, in the the case of the Lakers prior to this year, on a Sunday afternoon at the Forum in Inglewood, where this no place for a crowd to gather.

L.A. saves up its anger most of the time for larger problems as was the case in 1965 and 1992.

Hey, I like to see New York damaged as much as the next fellow, but let’s keep discussions like this to MPSIMS, OK?

Don’t worry about NY getting it. As soon as I design the right bomb I’m taking out one of the two huge water mains running under NY city. The third tube won’t be done for another ten years or so. I’ve been working on this plan for quite a while. I figure I can take out at least %30 of the population of Manhattan if I target the right spot. I’m thinking about simultaneosly taking out Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. That oughta really put their balls in a vice.


The best thing about any sporting event is that they eventually must end.

And thank god for that…

Feh. Our water tunnels go out all the time. It just screws up the subways for a day or so. You’ll have to do better than that!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck youse all *, ya jealous bastids :stuck_out_tongue:
*[sup]excepting Alphagene and manhattan[/sup]

Forwarded to NIS,FBI and CIA…

Which would cut off most access from Jersey. And this is a bad thing HOW???

Vancouver does? When did that happen? I always figured the biggest riot was when they moved the filming of X-Files!

That’s because there is opera here! Gotterdammerung tamorra night! See you at the Met! Don’t forget the popcorn!

After '94 Stanley Cup Finals. Rangers beat Canucks. Vancouver rioted, NY just buried 33rd St in beer cups and assorted litter.

Well, when UCLA won the NCAA basketball championship in 1995, a KISS (radio station, not the musical group) van was overturned in Westwood.

Of course, some music fans would see nothing whatsoever wrong with that.