The best thing about the Obama victory...

is that if a black guy named Obama can become President now, maybe a certain little girl named Garcia* can grow up to become President in the year 2060 or so…(but as a Republican! :))

*Generic Hispanic name used to protect the innocent. :wink:

Makes sense to me.

While you’re waiting, y’all could maybe think about encouraging one of those nice moderate Republican Senators from Maine to take a run at it? They would so eat up the swing states!

Absolutely! I’d love to see a woman or another minority (of any political stripe, as long as they are compassionate) as POTUS. Also, someone who isn’t straight / married / able-bodied / whatever. The more diversity the better. I’ve had enough with homogenized. :slight_smile:

Wonder when we can look forward to any of those?

FDR was wheelchair bound.

Yeah, but wasn’t that mostly hidden from view?

I’m pretty sure little girls aren’t allowed to be President. They gotta be 35 just like every other candidate. :slight_smile:

Why so far in the future?

So how long’s it going to be 'til we see an atheist President, do you think?

Well, I was referring specifically to my daughter. She’s 4 now, so I’m giving her time to get there! I of course, wouldn’t object to another woman President (or two) preceding her.

An “out” atheist, for lack of a better term? LONG time. I’d say 50 years. I think we’ll see a female president before that.

Of course, I thought the first non-white-male president would be a black female on the Republican ticket, and I am happily wrong today :slight_smile:

I chuckled when I read this part. Its what the CIA told the campasinos in Nicaragua to say when speaking of said agency amongst themselves.


Gar-CIA? Isn’t that a bit obvious?

A friend of mine one joked that we’d know everything was OK once we elected a black neopagan lesbian. I always figured that sounded about right.

It would be hard to argue that she doesn’t have a chance. I think it shows America is beginning to grow up. Hurray!

I’ll strongly suspect I will be dead first but some would argue we already had one in Jefferson. :wink:

And Kennedy was Roman Catholic and Irish and in 1960 that was nearly as big a barrier as Obama being Black. Sometimes I think people forget this.
AHunter3, I think McCain really missed the boat by not picking Olympia Snowe. They would have then appealed to both the independents and some of those more ardent Hillary supporters. Palin only appealed to those that would never have voted for Obama anyway. The best that could be said about her is that she got the “faithful” out to vote. I think they would have turned up anyway to try and keep Obama out.

I can’t believe I was beaten to this by just over 24 hours.

I’m not sure if its the Best thing about an Obama victory. Not even top twenty, given the big picture.

Still, not having to deal with the smug gloating and the threatened rubbing-it-in-our-faces that some posters promised should McCain have won is kind of a plus.

I’m hoping Obama even lives up to 10% of my expectations for him, in which case the best thing about an Obama victory will be that it leads to an Obama administration.

But yeah, the racial barrier-breaking is a good thing, too.

When you write it like that , I imagine that it is pretty blatant but at the time I believe that it was a pretty common surname for latin americans.

The whole idea was to forment revolution in Nicaragua and move it from the cell structure to a more formal military structure with the contras.

Turns out in the end , it was a hurricane that did the coup de gras.


I don’t get it, though…I said when she grows up! :confused:

It still is, I think…I tried to think of one that was a generic-sounding “Smith” kind of name.

If he lives up to 10% of most peoples’ expectations, I think that he’d better do more than just have an administration! :wink:

Pardon me if I don’t agree with you.

Certainly, I never threatened such a thing. And I’m not going around shitting in any of the zillions of celebratory threads, so I’d be much obliged if you don’t do so in mine… I may not be thrilled politically with the outcome of the election, but I do think it symbolizes something important for America, and I’m trying to be optimistic.

This is not thread-shitting, just curiosity, but if she ran as a member of any other political party, would you still support your daughter?