The Bestest SDMB Newbies of Summer 2012 Thread

Inspired by some of the comments over in this thread, I thought it was time to shovel through the avalanche of horseshit that flows over us every summer to see if we can find a pony in there somewhere. Yea, surely amongst the recent influx of trolls, spammers, ignorami, dogmatics and profound dipsticks there must be some new additions to the SDMB who have proved themselves capable of adding something of value to the boards, even if it’s just the occasional clever witticism.

As such, I would like you to nominate one or more new board members of your choice as the rare nuggets of gold sifted from the mountain of summer holiday muck.

Here are the criteria:

  • The nominee must have a Join date of June or July 2012 (although if you have a compelling case for a May 2012 entry I’ll consider it).
  • Tell us why you’re nominating the people or people, and include a link to at least one particularly worthy post by the nominee.
  • If you have a Join date of June or July 2012, i would prefer you not nominate anyone and certainly don’t nominate yourself.

That’s it. I was going to turn the results into a poll but actually I don’t want a single winner - I’d rather just have a list of new people who through their wit, pithiness, notable knowledge, and/or general reasonableness have shown that they’re worth paying attention to in future.

I also ask that you note the forum we’re in and NOT turn this into the “Worst newbie” thread, even obliquely (“I’d like to nominate NewGuy because at least he’s not as bad as Goatfelcher Jones”). Let’s ac-cen-chu-ate the positive here, people.

I am nominating Enkel on the basis of this post alone. He’s got a May join date though.

I’m going to add **tapu **to the list despite her banning, just for being such a good sport about it.

Curiosity Kills Her

Why? Well, she hasn’t been pitted yet. For this summer, that’s an enviable record.

Okay, that’s a pretty awesome thread.

I nominate KingLord. I posted a simple question in GQ yesterday about Youtube, got 1000+ views with no answer, and KingLord created an account just to give a (presumably) correct answer:

One post does not a good poster make, but it still seems a good start.

That Boswellia character seems very nice indeed.

Also, in the same thread (and the same vein) as the Enkel comment above we get:

Comic self-deprecation is a good way to win over Dopers, I find.

Aw… shucks… thanks. But, us fucktards have to stick together… 'specially since we confused the superglue with sunscreen…

richarddean hasn’t posted much yet but got my attention with this one-word post. A very promising start.

Thank you for the kind words, sir.
*The deposit should hit your PayPal account today.

It’s a sham!

I have nothing* to contribute. Usually I assume anyone with a join date more recent than 3 months ago is spam or an android of subnormal intelligence unless they pass my internal Turing Test. I can’t verbalize the test requirements, but I know when someone’s passed it.

*Okay, okay, **Curiosity Kills Her **passed it.

Will the winner be eligible for a Dopey award?

My goodness!
If I had known the screening process was this rigorous, I would have been much more reticent to post when I was a newbie.
And yet, y’all let me live.

We asked the goat if you should be terminated and he said “Naaaaaa”.

How have we not had those before? :eek: