The Big Bang Theory, May 16, 2013 -- "The Bon Voyage Reaction"

I’m starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode, which will be the sixth season finale.

A summary: A new success for Leonard makes Sheldon very jealous and throws Penny for a loop. Meanwhile, Koothrappali pushes Lucy too far in their relationship.

Next week’s edition of TV Guide has the Big Bang cast on the cover and an article about its success inside. Also, in a list of the 60 greatest comedies, Big Bang is rated 19.

Doesn’t that describe every Raj/Lucy (Roocy?) interaction?

Seriously, Lucy ends every episode she’s in in the lady’s room. This is TBBT, not Trainspotting.

Could this be the thing that drives Penny and Sheldon together?

O.K., I know we don’t usually do a watchalong but-- was that the first time Penny ever told Leonard that she loved him? That was kinda. . . fast and unfussy.

No, earlier this season she said something like “you know I love you” without thinking.

Thank God we can finally lose the “Raj can’t talk to females” bit.

I hope Lucy doesn’t come back. She’s my winner of the Cousin Oliver Award For Least Valuable Addition To A Show.

I like Lucy. But, yeah, killing the mutism was way overdue.

Should make for an interesting season starter in the fall.

I won’t miss Lucy if she’s gone for good, but I don’t think she is.

Wonder if Raj gets another shot at banging Penny while Leonard is away?

Also wonder if Leonard being away for four months leads to Sheldon and Amy living together…in separate bedrooms.

All in all, the episode was…ok. Not great, but not bad.

I had to Google the reference. I was alive when the show was on, but have no memory of the character. The wiki article says that the character said the final line of the final episode. Does anybody know what it was?

The whole episode was a big “meh” for me.

And as a season finale, far from impressive.

“Don’t make me beg. And I’m from India, so I know how to do it.”

And I like Lucy, I hope she stays. The other characters and getting kinda stale.

I watched a documentary a few weeks ago about selective mutism. It’s a real thing that matches the way Raj was portrayed pretty closely. And I could relate to it a bit myself, as I am often very quiet for the same crippling brain-locking reasons.

Dang it! My DVR clipped the very end. What was that talk about a special episode?
And yes, it’s about damn time with Raj and the talking thing.

My DVR recorded the beginning of it…just a rerun of the episode that starts with Sheldon lecturing Penny on the intricacies of legal bailments after accepting a package for her. He was “deputized by the United Parcel Service” and wanted her to sign a release and indemnification agreement.

It was an extrey-specially repeat. So special that it had to be viewed in the past and then viewed again last night to convey how super special this episode was.

Just wasn’t a great episode. Lucy is gone, she’ll show up for a short stints on a few more sitcoms before she’s overexposed as an interim character, then her career is over. Koothrapali can talk, ok, big deal, all he needed was a drop of alcohol anyway, just using mouthwash should have been sufficient. Leonard will be gone for a while, probably back in the opening episode next season. They’ll have some contrived reason for a problem between him and Penny. This is no way to end a season.

I’m very happy about Raj losing this crippling disability. Not that this means he will actually be able to get a girl, mind you… But I guess we shall see about that when the next season starts.

Okay, so you’ve got a hit sitcom. You’re several seasons in, and still flying in the ratings. The actors are mainly happy, and everybody’s making boatloads of money. You don’t want to change the show too much, or it might jump the shark and sink the ship. You can’t just keep repeating the same jokes for the same reason.

What would you do for the next season to keep interest and ratings up?

Well, I agree with folks here who suggested in past episode threads that Penny get a role in some kind of sci-fi series, with occasional cameos from geeklebrities who also work on the show. Doesn’t have to be a real-world show, obviously. It actually advances her storyline as an actress (which we’re six years into and haven’t seen an awful lot of even mediocre success) and ties that into something the guys would be gaga over (or pan mercilessly as scientifically inaccurate).