The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 11 (January 3, 2019) -- "The Paintball Scattering"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I am subscribing to this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode. :smiley:

Not too bad an episode, all in all. Raj and Anu get broken up, Stuart gets a good story, Sheldon had a good shirt, kiwis get dissed. Still a rather lightweight outing, but what can you do?

I can see a Stuart and Denise spin-off working if they wanted to try it.

I think Stuart’s reaction to Denise was spot on and in keeping with his character. Bernadette shows she is not against a little outside nookie with Howard, and Raj and Anu have an A Ha moment. I wonder if the show will let them work it out?

Sheldon is so sure he is Perfect in Every Way that it’s nice to see him knocked down a notch or two. And more Josh Malina is just fine by me!

I’m hoping that they’re broken up for good. I just don’t care for Anu.

Raj and Anu *will *get back together, if only because there are too few episodes left for Raj to get the happily-ever-after resolution that all the other characters are getting (even Stuart) in any other plausible way.

Well, I hop Raj and Anu work it out and date like normal people (not that people in arranged marriages aren’t normal-- you know what I mean!) because, so far, she is the most suited for him. Unless they bring back the older cleaning woman. Or the vet.

Who won the paintball war?

I may be reading too much into this, but I thought it was an interesting choice by the writers. When Raj says he can’t trust Anu because he doesn’t know her, her response is, “Well, why are we planning a wedding?”

NOT “Why are we getting married?”

That tells me that they really haven’t thought this through. They’re planning a party/ritual/ceremony, but not really thinking of what that signifies. Their parents have arranged this, so they’re going through the motions and the thought that they will be married hasn’t really hit home for them.

I think Bernadette’s team won paintball because she grabbed the flag first while Amy and Leonard were arguing.

The wife read recently that the producers have indicated that Raj won’t be in a relationship at the end of the show,

I think Denise won the paintball war because she was the only one still unsplatted and running free at the end.

Favorite line:

*Stuart: When do you stop worrying that you’ll screw it (the relationship) up?

Leonard: (glances at Penny) “I’ll let you know.”*

I liked the vet as a possible love-interest for Raj! I wish that would happen, but I won’t hold my breath…

I’m still hoping for Sheldon’s sister.

Hey, I would be fine with that, as well.

It says something about the lack of good romantic storylines that they’ve managed to find for Raj that people are hoping for a minor character from the B-plot of a single episode from (looks it up) five years ago to return and be his perfect match.

She (and Howard) won the Paintball but that is not the reason. :cool::p:D

I haven’t watched the show for a while. My response to this episode was “what, Raj is engaged?”

This should have been a two part episode. Just so much crammed in. Esp. with the overgrown cast. Not enough time to properly run story lines. Penny acing paintball would have been amazing to watch.

I think this episode cramming is going to continue for the remainder of the show.

Stuart giving Denise a key to someone else’s place. How romantic!

The only real good thing in this episode is that we may not see Anu ever again. I think Raj is better off alone than with her.

There’s previews showing him standing on her porch (doorbell camera view) with a sign. So, the dismalness will continue.

And how totally Stuart. Denise handled it perfectly, too. I hope those two crazy kids can work it out and live happily (but semineurotically) ever after. Maybe with the aforementioned spin-off.