The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 2 (September 27, 2018) -- "The Wedding Gift Wormhole"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Now I’m getting the thread back to the top!

Thanks for this! I hadn’t realized another one would be up so soon.

Yes, really. What’s up with showing this episode tonight rather than Monday night?

We didn’t laugh once during the whole show. We did, however, smile a lot at Stuart’s sub-plot. Denise is good for him.

Stuart’s sub-plot?

Edit- OH, I didn’t know about this! I thought this was about the season openner.

Yeah, those two are adorkable together.

Totally missed it! Will watch later today. Dang!

The whole “scavenger hunt” thing felt too forced and convoluted. And, frankly, the re-re-regifting angle seemed just tacky - especially with the accompanying note.

And speaking of notes, Sheldon’s thank-you note to his aunt (?) was beyond unbelievable.

Is the Big Bang going to go out with a whimper?? It’s looking that way.

Seems like every season and every week, Penny shows less skin and more unlikeability.

The best part was Howard and the orange jokes. How could he have resisted the temptation to include one rather prominent orange fellow?

The wedding gift bit was too contrived, too long, and ended with a rather loathsome prank.

Raj was pretty pathetic and the whole I gotta get married now bit didn’t seem genuine.

For the first time ever, the most likeable character was… Stuart! Never thought I’d say that.

It looks like they both Stuart and Raj will get married, and the gang will part ways. Maybe the ending will show them all getting together one last time, or 20 years into the future.

However it ends, it’s been a damn fine run.

This episode just didn’t get too many chuckles out of me.

I am wondering if Raj will wind up making a genuine connection with a new woman just as his supposed “arranged bride” shows up…

I L’dMAO on the scavenger hunt. Wolowitz’s expression was perfect! The denouement was disappointing though. A truly epic idea, poorly developed. That should have run over at least three shows.

But the best line of the night was after Penny held up her huge t-shirt. Amy said “I told you . . .” and the way Sheldon piped up with “You were right dear” was just so perfectly delivered.

What’s wrong with Stuart’s face?


Don’t you find it odd, in this day and age of MeToo, that Lorre would have a character date his employee? Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

Wait for it…

Stuart and Raj will not necessarily get married this season, though I think both will find lasting relationships–Stuart with Denise, and Raj with who-knows-who. It’s the twenty years later episode that will show both as happily married.

I would be up for a Stuart and Denise spin-off. She could be a comic book artist and Stuart still runs the comic shop.

I know Lauren Lapkus a lot from podcasts, and she does one-off roles here and there but never anything long-lasting. And Kevin Sussman just has a face for sitcoms, he’s the Paul Giamatti of TV. Both actors deserve a big break, I think.

Stuart and Denise have the same chin. Their kids are doomed.

I love Denise. I think she’s hilarious and I think her and Stuart are awesome together. I never thought Stuart would ever find anyone, but they could be the best couple out of all of them.

It’d make more sense for her to be a writer and Stuart the artist, as he’s an art school grad (he drew Penny the first time they met).

One of the suckiest things about the show is what they did to the Stuart character, who was the “cool nerd” when introduced and became a sad sack as it went on.