The Big Bang Theory - "The Raiders Minimization" (10/10/2013)

It was not the greatest episode. I didn’t like the thing with Sheldon trying to get back at Amy for ruining Raiders. But I did like the part where the guys realized she was right.

Bitchy Bernadette is getting kind of old. I don’t know why they would suddenly change her from fairly sweet and normal to really bitchy.

And Penny in a teddy. 'Nuf said.

Penny in the teddy was worth the price of admission.

She’s married to Howard. It’s a natural progression.

The problem with Penny’s outfit was that it had to be TV-rated. IRL the bra and panties would have been of a much flimsier material, not the “leather” they appeared to be.

And what was with Leonard’s mother and father? Previously we were informed that they only engaged in coitus for the purposes of reproduction. AFAIK, a ping pong paddle isn’t necessary for such action.

They’re scientists, maybe they were experimenting?

But then consistency has really never been important in any sitcom.

I disagree about Sheldon being the bad guy. He was completely within his right to give AFF a taste of her own medicine. If she didn’t like it, she should’ve kept her mouth shut in the 1st place.

Did Beverly say they were engaged in coitus? Maybe she was just punishing him for being a bad boy.

I know he doesn’t get social cues and such, but he should have just done what Amy said and told her he was upset. He did it with Penny earlier so we know he can do it. But that wouldn’t have made a show.

Huh? She shouldn’t have talked about the movie they just watched? Not given her opinion? Pretended she loved it as much as Sheldon? Kow-tow or expect your boyfriend to intentionally hurt you?
Hubby ruined the episode for me because he whined and bitched about Indy during the whole thing. Bringing up the same objections our nerds did and then whining some more when they, themselves shot down their own objections.
Stuart and Raj are a way better couple than Raj and the girl who broke his heart and taught him to talk to girls (already forgot her name).

Lucy, and yes they are. I commented on how correct AFF was about the movie, but only during commercials. The wife has never seen it.


And I forgot all about the Stuart/Raj storyline.

Oh, I understand that she was giving her opinion. I’m just pointing out she had no leg to stand on by complaining when Sheldon exposed the Anarchoristic Stew that was Little House on the Prairie.

But while Amy is correct with regards to the plot, she’s wrong in that Indy did a lot. For one, Marion would be quite dead without his intervention. For two, the Ark would still be in Nazi hands at the end.

The “Indy in Useless” thing is amusing when first brought up, but it falls apart if you think about it too much.

Yes. Except for the part where Sheldon was intentionally trying to hurt her and she was just talking about a movie she saw.
Why does everyone give Sheldon a pass for being an asshole? If I hear one more time how he doesn’t have empathy or can’t read social cues-- poor him, when he is knowingly being a big dick, I’ll. . .I’ll. . . bitch about it on the internet!

Umm, because she hurt him!? She had to know she was ruining his favorite movie. She’s used to being alone, IMO she should get used to that feeling again.

Holy smokes Penny rocked that nightie! Too bad her scene was shorter than the nightie.

Raj and Stewart are getting to be expendable (Stewart ALWAYS was). That storyline was just filler material, totally unneeded and tedious at best.

I don’t think Amy was out of line to point out the Raiders plot hole. But as much as the boys surf the web, surely one of them would have known of it.

Raj did need another homoerotic outlet after Howard broke up with him to marry that beeyotch with the boobies. :wink:

Leonard is long past the point where he needed to manipulate Penny to have sex.

all the boys have nitpicked characters, stories, movies that didn’t have a character they liked; they have done this to each other. they all have characters they like despite others opinions.

AFF was doing nothing different. though that story was universally liked by the group.

At the beginning, when Leonard was complaining about his mother’s book, Penny said something like “You are so galept!”

Did I hear this right? If so, what exactly does it mean?

Here is a link to the episode:

It sounds Yiddish to me, but I’ve never heard it before. Or maybe my hearing is just starting to go as I approach old age… :frowning:

Oh, good grief. As I recall it, she only reluctantly shared her assessment of the movie. She didn’t set out to hurt him, and mature adults do not seek revenge on persons with whom they are in a relationship.

Sheldon’s a jackass. As Amy has observed, she is the best girlfriend he is likely to get, but the converse isn’t true. Her deficits are largely self-deceptions on her part; she could get past them and, I think, is in the process of doing so. His are more fundamental, and even if they aren’t, he’s not interested in even trying to be a better human being.