The Biggest Loser and Steroids

Are Biggest Loser contestants allowed to use steroids? I’m looking at Tracey’s after photo and she looks unnaturally muscular compared to her before photo. The season four winners also look a little too muscular. Are these results achievable with only diet and exercise?

Really? Allowed to use them? As in, sanctioned by the show? No, I really do not think that is happening.

And I don’t think she really looks all that muscular now. I think her calves are disproportionately large, but not from muscles.

I don’t think he looks overly muscular, either.

The physiques you linked to don’t look like they would require steroids. These people have fairly normal athletic bodies. Yes, they’re dramatic changes from their “before” pictures but not something that would require pharmaceutical help.

The backlash from the discovery that the show was providing steroids to the contestants would kill the show immediately and send people to jail. That would be completely counter to the message the show is trying to send.

It seems counter-productive for the contestants to use steroids, since they build muscle, which is more dense than fat.

Neither of the contestants look unnaturally muscular to me. The guy has larger arms than the average person on the street, but he wouldn’t be out of place at any gym. My husband lifts 2-3x a week and rock climbs once a week and has arms like that. The woman seems stockier on the bottom, but my guess would be that she developed strong muscles in her legs from carrying her excess weight, so they were already very muscular under the fat. It looks like she is still carrying some extra fat, which will make her muscles look larger than they are.

Also some people just naturally put on muscle easier. I know a guy who people would probably think was on steroids, but he has the right body type for lifting, trains hard, and eats right. 99 out of 100 people could follow his diet and weight program exactly and not see his results.

If you worked out 8 hours a day with Jillian screaming at you the whole time, while also receiving total medical and psychological support, you’d look pretty good too.

I think that woman is just built thickly. I could take enough steroids to kill ten horses and not look that stocky - just a whole other body type, and she still has some fat.