the boyfriend is becoming an online-addcit. I am worried

No. I am not worried about him becoming an online addict. God knows, I ve been one for ages, but I dont give a damn.
BUT… what if he finds one of the forums I post at?
Chances arent too high he finds the SDMB or Smile and act nice - but he WILL eventually find ANOTHER.COM message board… cause we both have our email addresses at another.

Damn… all the stuff I post around the web… creepy.
There is stuff about s.i. (he doesnt know about that, although he knows about the anti depressants…) There is even stuff about my expedition into bulimia land last spring… aaaaaaargh! And there is tons of stuff about him… missing him. Have to keep him from finding this stuff… have to learn about system data and hack his computer… kill boyfriend’s computer NOW!!! (just kidding about the hacking… I cant even crack stuff - and it s illegal too, so I d never ever do something like it :smiley: )

Anyways… this is kind of disturbing.
I wouldnt want him to find out all that shit about me - at least not all at once. So I am gonna hope for three things:

#1 he doesnt go any further than yahoo
#2 he doesnt know how to use a search function at boards
#3 he doesnt use the bloody search function

Just don’t let him find those nude pictures of you, Dodgy. :wink:

hehe… I think he has seen that one :slight_smile: but I dont think that s a problem :wink: