The Boys S2 (Open Spoilers)

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Unfortunately we live in an age where too many people need to be reminded that the Nazis were unambiguously the bad guys.

Late to the party, I just binged both seasons and loved it. But… I really hope there is something deceptive going on rather than “(fake) AOC has been the head exploding super all along”. That just feels like a-twist-for-twist’s-sake. “Hey, let’s pick the least suspicious possible person and have them be a homicidal supe!”.

So if they go that way, they definitely will need to work to make all of her previous actions reasonable and plausible. Sure, we can get all cynical about “hey, the best way to neutralize the opposition is to control them”. But that just doesn’t really happen in real life. Are we suspicious that the real AOC is actually a Koch brothers plant? Should we be? Of course not, that’s insane.

My pet theory: Hughie’s mother took off suddenly when he was 6 because something went wrong when he was being dosed with compound V, and his powers haven’t presented yet. There were a few times back early in season 1 when I really felt like he was about to start blowing shit up with his brain. Guess we’ll watch and find out.

In the comic, The Boys all took Compound V although they were mostly just super-strong. But from the ending of S1 we’re way, way past whatever the comic wanted to do and probably for the best, because it sorta ran off the rails. Show!Homelander is way more interesting than the comic version.

I think part of what they did was make the link between “real” Nazis and many of the right-wing groups gaining popularity today. That’s an important point and a significant one.

This might not be what you’re saying, but this isn’t like a list-minute twist grafted into the story at the last minute. They’ve been laying the groundwork for this ever since her first appearance.

This video collects the clues offered throughout the season

Also, the TV show character is a counterpart to a comic book character, Vic the Veep, who is in Vought’s pocket from the start.

There are several differences—Vic the Veep is a man, his role isn’t a secret or a surprise, and he’s a complete moron.

I do agree that one aspect of this is troubling—the idea that all the politicians who look like they’re less than evil are really secretly evol, encouraging disengagement and cynicism.

There’s a difference between “they’ve been laying the groundwork since her first appearance” and “it actually makes sense as a twist”. They could reveal tomorrow that Butcher himself is actually a supe. And then they could point out 10 times going back to S1E1 where he was framed standing in front of billboards so that if you read the words on both sides of his head it literally spelled out that he was a Supe. That would prove they didn’t make up the twist on the fly. Wouldn’t make it good story-telling however.

So I’m suspicious… but… we’ll see.

(Also, a BUNCH of those “clues” were very weak sauce.)

I feel like this is an almost unavoidable plot line.

Yep. That whole thing about where an actor’s eyes may have been looking (off frame) was a complete fairy tale. I mean, I know film directors can be detail oriented, but comethefuckon.

Victoria Neumann mentions that she has a daughter. Which raises the question: did Victoria get compound V as an infant or as an adult who had already given birth? It would be somewhat interesting to know if her daughter is also a head popper.

Not literally, but she does work in the porn industry.