The bragging thread

I need to brag. If you don’t want to hear it and are goign to respond negatively, please stop reading now. Please feel free to brag to no end after this. Kudos and congratulations to everybody in advance. Anyways…

I’m awesome. I maxed out on all of my lifts today (setting up a new program next week). I started on bench: 315 on my first try. 25 pound increase from 2 months ago. Did a few more not-so important lifts, got to powerclean. 275, a 10 pound increase. Not as good, but still not bad. almost the end of my workout, i get to squats. 405, a 35 increase. If i keep this up, i’ll make the 1600 club by the end of the year (first person to do it while still in high school…this being the school that the Zatechka brothers went too, along with a couple other UNL starters). I’m done, you won’t hear another word about it.

BTW, i would appreciate it if SOMEBODY else would brag…otherwise i’ll feel like a self-righteous ass.


OK, always glad to oblige.

I’m wonderful. I’ve got a good sense of humor and my stunning good looks attract so many people, male and female, that I occasionally have to beat them off with a stick. My suave, debonair nature impresses the masses, but my boyish grin sets them at ease. I’m rich beyond the dreams of Croesus, owning both a mansion and a yacht. Yet my humble, self-effacing nature prevents me from mentioning any of this. Oh yes. And one poster, who shall not be named, described my private parts as a magnificent tool. Life is good.

{ ::worried look:: bragging includes fantasizing, right? Um. If not, the previous paragraph was a typo. I meant to write “I have a good imagination”, but my fingers slipped.)

Anyway, kidding aside, congrats on achiving the level you’ve achieved in weight-lifting. I don’t know enough about it to know exactly how cool your achievements are, but I do know that must’ve taken a hell of a lot of work to get there. (1600 Club? Like as in 1600 POUNDS?!) Jeez! This guy’s in High School and he could BENCH PRESS me!

Anyway, kudos!


I flexed my ankles several times while I was sitting here posting, and hey, I’m really proud of myself!

And this afternoon I successfully resisted the temptation to go down in the basement and ride the Better Half’s exercise bicycle. I rock!

And I also totally ignored the dog’s big brown pleading eyes and refused to take her for a walk! Wow!

[does quick victory dance while seated in computer chair]


Any Good N Plentys left?

Ummm… bragging…ummm…

I once saw Tony Randall and his new granddau…er, young bride in our local airport.

I was on the same plane as Ollie North once flying into that same airport.

I sat next to Lou Reed’s bassist on a flight into Atlanta, and was surprised when Lou emerged from first class and I got introduced - and the bassist invited me to see the show that night for free (but I just started a new job way back then and couldn’t make it to Atlanta on such short notice).

I’ve hung out with Monte Montgomery at a pool hall in my hometown - Monte who? Just wait - you’ll know soon.

Errr… ok… my life is kinda dull, what of it?

Moderator’s note

Congrats, Chris, but this is better suited to MPSIMS. See, you’re buffed but I can’t with clear conscience leave this to the tender (HA!) mercies of the Pitizens, much less Alphagene, John and Lynn. There are some forces ya just don’t mess with.

If you happen to lift and twirl Uncle Beer or Euty, though, there could be some hefty ticket sales involved.


Thoroughly screwed up the bolding, too…see, I warned you about those sinister forces…


I did all of my bragging here.


While I can’t compare to Scylla or the OPer, . . . :

200 lb bench press (quit doing them because my left shoulder doesn’t agree)
75-lb curls
200-lb squats, having done that exercise exactly two times with proper equipment
150-lb military press when I was bored


long jump 17’6.5"
triple jump 35’5"
330IH: 49.6 seconds
MIP, 1999 season.

five stolen bases in one game. In three years of baseball, caught stealing three times. Stole home twice in one game.

Random stuff: glee club/madrigal director in high school said I was the best singer in the school. Once tested at IQ of 189.

Joyce Kilmer is my great-grandfather.

Congrats Joe!!!

Me brag? I couldn’t.

I’m those most humble person in the world.

No one else can compare with my humility.

I even won a contest!! Everyone else thought they were humble, but I was the most humble of all. They would say “You are so humble” and I would say “No I am not.” and they would shirk away in disgrace.

My humility rules!!!

I wasn’t sure where this belonged, and i probably shouldn’t have bothered posting it. Oh well. Next time i’m in teh pit, i’ll throw in a few more profanities, just for good measure. Come to think of it, i don’t know how i avoided it at first. Surely somebody wants to brag about something other than weights? i’m sure there’s some real talent on the boards that just doesn’t come out in normal discussions. Maybe somebody jsut got a promotion? Aced a test? Top of the class? Successfully shaved a muskrat?

I’ll leave it to you guys, i’m going to relax. In the process of all this, I made my back worse. Anybody give really good massages?


I was awarded a medal by my Burger King manager for being the best they had ever had at toilet cleaning.

fierra loves me.

Everything else I have to brag about just pales by comparison.

I can parallel park a semi.

Congrats, heyjoe, I always liked lifting when I had the chance in highschool… haven’t seen the inside of a gym since but am seriously thinking of starting to work out again. I wanna be buff, damnit.

My bragging commences:

I’m getting a Master’s degree in May

I’m a good writer (even if it doesn’t come through here!)

If I try really hard, by the end of the day I might be able to consume over two pounds of cheese balls from a giant Costco keg I was just given.