The bright side of Hell: your candidate loses

Prolly should have started this thread two weeks ago. Oh well.

After spending six months more-or-less missing out on the whole political thing, it’s been a bit jarring to come back to the stretch run. Talking with freinds and family, both liberal and conservative, it’s been amusing and a little bit frightening to realize how deeply people are personally invested in politics – I’ve had freinds tell me they will cry for a day if their guy doesn’t win.

I can see both good and bad things coming from the election of either candidate McCain; I would think that most intelligent people could, but perhaps I am mistaken. So, on election eve:

Assume your preferred candidate loses tomorrow. What possible positives can you see coming from this? No backhanded compliments, no “he’ll screw things up so bad we’ll win in 2012” bullshit. **If you can’t say something honestly nice, go elsewhere. ** Since I’m voting for neither major candidate, I’ll do both.

**Obama: **Having a black president would completely transform the dynamic of race relations in this country. It would be a massive step forward, and it would do much to inspire those African-Americans who feel excluded or “outside” mainstream American culture.

McCain: Has a long history of working across party lines, and a willingness to go against his political allies. Given that, and given his age, he might be the best bet for solving or at least ameliorating some of the more intractable political problems – Social Security comes to mind.

There’s a start.

No criticizing my hopes for the above candidates. This is a 100% positive thread. If you want to criticize, open one of the 50 other political threads.

McCain Wins! - It continues to be difficult for Islamic extremism to establish itself openly in various parts of the world… that may or may not be good, I suppose, but I view it as good.
Gun laws continue as they are currently.

That’s about all I got.

This has been about the longest election I can remember. The bright side: Whoever wins, it’s OVER. Well, I hope. I hate it when we elect a Prez and don’t know who it is until Christmas.

Positive: We’ll either have the first black president or the first female veep. Both of these are exciting.

Of course the first female prez would have been even more exciting, but… oh well.

Using about all of the available definitions of “exciting” if it were Palin. :smiley:
If McCain wins: Well, the Republicans will have to fix their messes. And just as the financial crisis caused a come to Jesus moment for a few, including Greenspan, I think the struggle to fix their messes could be very very good for the Republican party.

If Obama wins: I guess I won’t be killed by the hordes of rioting poor people that will rise up and kill those making over $250k per year (the magic number, dontcha know). You know, the rising up and taking over by the poor that posters here always discuss in threads about why the government should enlarge handouts to poor people.

I think McCain will be the sort of President who looks like he’s going to do something crazy, then does the right thing after all. He will probably end up signing legislation to the left of where’s campaigning, maybe to the left of where Obama’s campaigning. He’ll try to be Reagan, but may end up more like Poppy Bush.

And I think he’s serious about cleaning out the corrupt in various departments.

I could be wrong. It’s Mac. He might shut down the government to make a point, take a hard-line tax-cutting stance, rattle his saber too much. I’m not going to bet he’ll be moderated, but he could be.

Actually, it’s this realization that makes me more likely to vote for Obama. A sane McCain reign could mitigate the crashiness of post-W, which might void my schadenfreude reasons to welcome a Mac term.

I think that’s my argument, though I don’t remember making it on the SDMB. And the Jacobin revolution is decades out; if you’re over, say, 52, you’ll miss it entirely.:wink:

If McCain wins, I think he’s a lot more likely to make progress in getting America to build new nuclear plants. Actually, probably not that likely, but more likely than Obama.

I had a whole screed written out until I got to the last part quoted above. :wink:

If (it appears more like “when”) Obama wins, maybe we can get beyond tokenism in American politics. I hope so, at least.

It appears that Dems will be controlling Congress and the White House for at least the next two years. So we have an open field for them - if they really have any better ideas on how to run things, they can actually do it. No more excuses - if you really think UHC is a good idea, then let’s see what you got. If you really think you can fix the economy, then pass the legislation or explain why nothing needs to be done. Are you serious about CAGW? Then make the case and put together the bills.

I don’t want to hear a lot of bullshit about how Bush jacked up the deficit to the point where it cannot be reduced. Spending bills start in the House, they pass Congress, and the President signs them. Bush is ex-President - he has no power to force Congress to increase spending on anything.

Obama said he wanted the job. Fine - it appears he got the job. Now let’s see him do it.

If McCain were to win, the bright side is that I think he’d be a genuinely better president than the one we have now, so at least we’d get an improvement.

That’s all I’ve got. I will be seriously bummed if Obama loses.