The Britishisms are coming!

Apparently British English is making just as many inroads into American speech as Americanisms are making in British speech:

Jolly hockey sticks for everyone.

I’m not surprised to see back-migration of words from the colonies in Europe to the Motherland here in America.

Oh… wait…

Gastropub hasn’t made it to here in the heart of the Midwest, but we’re still struggling with electrification.

I’ve certainly seen an uptick in emails answered with the word “Cheers”.

“Twee” has been used on this board ever since SkipMagic became a Mod. Before that, even.

The rest of the article is a load of ballocks.

I suspected as much last night when Russell (a dreadlocked black man) referred to “a bit of slap and tickle” on Survivor last night.

How timely, I was just reading a book with stuff I didn’t quite get, I wrote a few down;

“…the old, the young, the halt, the blind…”, The halt? Say what?

“…they were not more than 2 guns out of pawn…”, ???

“Indian lawn”, again ???

Halt is lame, it’s archaic, King Jame’s Biblical even, so not an actual Briticism.

Pawn: hock, the rest of the guns have been used as security for a loan.

Indian lawn, lawn is a fine cotton material, it’s from India. Again it’s archaic, whatchu readin?

But who do they mean by, ‘halt’?

And I get that pawn means hock, but, are they trying to say they are poor? Unorganized? Own too many guns?

(“One Day” by David Nicholls)

No, no. “Halt” isn’t lame, it means “lame.” :smiley:

It would be funny if Indian lawn is also lame.

:smack: D’oh!

Thanks for clearing that up!

I’ve been seeing “Gastropub,” sometimes styled in two words as “gastro pub,” around the Toronto area for 5-7 years. So you’ll get it soon.

Frankly, “Gastro pub” might be my least favourite neologism of all time. It’s a sensationally ugly word for something that it is supposed to be pleasurable and imply the availability of tasty food. “Gastropub” sounds like an intestinal parasite, the larval stage of something that infests you. “Sir, we’re putting you on an IV to try to kill the gastropubs that have burrowed into your large intestine.”

I read ‘two guns out of pawn’ as either close to ‘one paycheck away from living on the street’, or to say that if they didn’t have guns to hunt with, they’d be pawning everything for food. Either way, close to dire straits.
Also, today had someone use the 'cnt’ word in Words With Friends <scrabble-type game> and apologize profusely. I didn’t mind, thought it was funny, but isn’t cnt, in england, just another word like asshole or jerk? I always thought quim was the word to avoid, there. C*nt just seems less offensive coming from an englishman, somehow.

No, “cunt” is just about as offensive as it’s possible to get using a single word in the UK. We just don’t care as much.

The only reason to avoid “quim” is that you’ll sound like someone from the Regency period if you use it.

I couldn’t agree more. I don’t recall ever seeing it here but I’m sure some places must use it. Bleh.

Aha, thanks! Ignorance fought!

That, and the fact that WWF doesn’t recognize it, which pisses me off regularly.

We’ve had a gastropub for several years, despite being a smallish place smackdab in the middle of flyover country. I feel so hip and cool, to find out y’all don’t have one! The SO keeps wanting to try it, I suppose I’ll have to now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not really surprised to hear this, as popular as Brit programming has become over here. Fair fucks to 'em, is what I say!

I know that’s where I first got it - too much British television during/since my formative years.

Now that I’ve spent the last decade hanging out with an actual Britisher, though, it’s even worse.