The Bully (Scholarship Edition)

I just picked this up for the Wii and I’m having a great time with it. For those that aren’t familiar it’s a Rockstar game following the tried and tested model of the GTA series, except in this the protagonist is a 15 year old boy and it’s set in a school (well, initially, later the surrounding towns open up).

As you’d expect in a school there’s the going to class and dealing with the nerds/bullies/preps/girls etc, but like other Rockstar games it’s also full of quests and side quests to keep you occupied. One nice touch of it is that that the game progresses through the school year after you’ve completed a set number of missions, going from halloween to christmas/winter (that’s where I am currently). It’s a huge amount of fun running around and doing all the things that game gets you to (and lets you) do, from throwing stink bombs at people to breaking into lockers to putting people into dustbins… the list goes on.

My only complaints about the game are that the classes run out quite quickly, I’m only a third of the way through the gay and I’ve already completed three of them (they’re broken into 5 individual lessons). Also some of the quests are buggy - it took me three attempts to do one of them even through I’d done everything correctly, the game wasn’t recognising that I’d completed the necessary step. Also a couple of sniper missions have the controller going berserk and not letting you aim properly. I also had one total lock up which required me to unplug my Wii and start over - I was not impressed as I haven’t saved in a while and had to replay about 45 minutes worth of game.

So overall a very worthwhile purchase, lots of fun and a huge amount to do. I’ve been playing it solidly all weekend and I’ve only completed about 31% of it (according to the game stats).


Is it ever coming out for the PC?

I got it for the 360 and I’m very happy with it. I remember being interested when it first came out, but not having an outlet for it. I went to Target and picked it up, having buyer’s remorse the entire time to the checkout lane. I got home and put it in and it’s gone very well. The controls are complex, yet simple to use. It’s a very very good warmup to GTA IV and it’s a very good game even on its own merits. The game is good and it’s very open and sandbox-style, but true to Rockstar form, what sets it apart is the writing. The different factions are funny and ironic and the world is seen through a critical eye. I think I’ll give it an 8 as well, maybe an 8.5. Very good purchase on my part.
Now I still have to get this “Orange Box” thing that all the kids are talking about. I just have to pry Bully, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and MLB 2K8 out of my sweaty paws.

Paging Dr. Freud…

Sniper missions?!

I loved this game! When I finished it, I had the same sadness I get when I finish a good book.

This game made me upset that GTA IV isn’t coming to Wii. Why Rockstar? WHY!?


The hideous lunch lady wants to go on a date/picnc with a teacher she likes and your job is to sit in a tree with your slingshot and keep the other school kids away by hitting them with rocks. If they get too close and make fun of her enough, ruining her date, you lose.

Because nobody likes the Wii.


How does the Wii handle the social menus and such?

The various responses are mapped to the D-pad so you just have to reach up with your right thumb.

Oh dear, I think you may be right - gay and game not being particularly close together! :o

I played it on the PS2 and loved it - never got around to finishing it, though. It’s quite a forgiving game - you can screw up and try stuff again, and I never found it frustrating. Also, it’s hilarious, IMHO.

That almost sounds clunky. Then again, the Wiimote isn’t very comfortable for me in the first place. I think I prefer how it’s handled on the Xbox 360 controller.

One thing I loved about the wii handling was the fighting. Actually punching was really fun. The boxing matches were intense!

They certainly were! I ached after the prep challenge where you have to do all three preps in a row.

Dude, have you seen the screenshots for GTA IV? While it’s not the absolute prettiest next-gen game out there, it would never, ever run on the Wii’s GPU without serious modification to the graphics engine. There’s all that eye candy with reportedly no load times other than the initial one. That’s without considering the impact of the interactive AI, which is good enough that reviewers have been quite impressed at how many unique behaviors NPCs exhibit.

The Wii is a great concept console and you can do some really fun games on it, but it’s not capable of many things that the 360 and PS3 can do. Games for the Wii pretty much have to be written specifically for the Wii.

I know. I’m sure they did enough market research that showed that the cost it would take to modify it for the wii would be more than they would make.

I guess I’ll just have to wait until it comes out for PC.

Or upgrade to a real console.

I kid. How evil are the specs for running it on PC?

I was just thinking yesterday that if I had money I’d buy a nice TV and a 360 or P23…but I don’t have money so it’s not happening.

Well, at the moment they have said it won’t be on PC but they’ve said that before and it always ends up on there.

True dat.

I don’t have an amazing TV, but I’ve got a 360. It’s still pretty and lets me play all these nifty fun games, you know.

Then again…money is good.