The Bundys are at it again.

The Bundys have decided to move their fucking dog and pony show from Nevada to Oregon, even though the people they claim to be supporting have told them to go away. And now, they’ve taken over a federal building in Harney County, Oregon.


Oh, Cliven! Well, that is a relief.

From the title, I thought Married With Children was coming back.

How is this not an act of domestic terrorism or armed insurrection? Wow.

And yeah, I thought Al and Peggy Bundy myself at first glance.

I hope this ends without bloodshed (okay, I confess, a deep, dirty part of me hopes otherwise) but for Ghu’s sake, I hope it ends. Decisively. These criminals need jail time.

It’s really hard to imagine anyone stupid enough to point a gun at Leviathan, FFS. “We hate and fear the power of the government…so we’re gonna go and provoke it with guns.”

Suicide by cop…

It doesn’t have to stop here. This could be a hope that spreads through the whole country, the whole United States. Everybody’s looking for this hope because the government has beat us, and oppressed us, and took everything from us; they will not stop until we tell them no.
– Blane Cooper

This can only end well.

At least you can estimate their horsepower just by counting.

So did I, but then noticed this was a Pit thread and knew no one could pit that!

These morons say they’re prepared to stay there for years. How long would they last if the utilities and food supplies were cut off?

The gov’t should figure out a way to bring in (bulletproof) loudspeakers and play music these goons would hate, like they did with Noriega. How about alternating between death metal and “It’s A Small World.”

I was all about to say how that would violate the eighth amendment, but then I remembered that Justice Scalia says that doesn’t apply to enforcement activity, only to sentencing.

I can’t help but draw a parallel between what these guys are doing and what ISIS is attempting - provoking the US Government to elicit a disproportionate response in hopes that others will take up arms against the government.

Fuck these assholes. Blockade them and starve them out. Then take them, put them on trial, and put them behind bars for a long goddamned time. No media, no drama, NO ATTENTION.

The people they claim to be supporting want nothing to do with them.

It seems to me like they’re just using the Hammonds to gain sympathy for their greater cause, which apparently is to be able to use federal land as if they personally owned it.

Even if it was state land, which apparently is what they claim, that wouldn’t mean that they have some sort of personal claim to it.

Which would be more surprising? If they favored freeing Leonard Peltier or if they had any idea who he was?

I don’t get what their long term plan is, here. They don’t seem to be “occupying” much territory. If the cops just put up a great big fence round them and wait, they’ll have to come out eventually. And then they’ll look even more ridiculous than they do now.

I like that. Put up a big fence and cut off the utilities.

We could have a pool, bet on how many days before the first incident of cannibalism.

Posts on Stormfront, which I will not link to, are claiming that they brought support trailers with supplies. If true, I suppose they could hold out for a while.

Maybe they can be tried in absentia, convicted, and that building can be declared a federal prison. Okay, probably not, but I like the thought.

Like what is going to happen if there is a “disproportionate” response?

Send in SWAT teams, and make Swiss cheese out of all these motherfuckers.

What, Billy Bob and his inbred brothers are going to take over a county courthouse next? Fine—firebomb them.You have to show what happens when you go up against the government like this, now, with extreme force. These goobers have rifles, we have tanks, aircraft, automatics, all types of shit to take them OUT.

I like the idea of putting a big fence around the compound. And then every day, move the fence in one foot.

That’s a thought. With razor wire on top, and lights all around, and guard towers. “Oh, by the way, the judge says twenty years.”