The Bundys are at it again.

You know what the government should do about Sovereign citizen nuts? Give them what they want. Give them a legal form to submit so they and their land can secede from the US. However with a few conditions:

  • Your citizenship of the US is stripped. You now need a visa and a passport to enter the US. Woops, sorry we don’t recognise any documents from your now independent nation
  • Enter the US without permission? You’ll be detained and then deported back to your home country the same as any other illegal immigrant.
  • Enter the US armed without permission? That’ll be treated as an armed invasion and met with military force.
  • Get in trouble with the neighbours? Tough luck, Police and government won’t do anything to help you. Anyone that can get away with it is free to steal your property or do whatever else they want.
  • All goods entering and leaving your sovereign nation are subject to customs inspection and import export duties.
  • Any bank accounts you hold outside your own territory are frozen. Foreign citizens without ID can’t open bank accounts in the US. And woops, sorry we don’t accept your ID issued by yourself.

You want out of the social contract? You can have it, but you can’t freeload off the rest of us.

I like this idea. I like this idea a lot.

Can someone give me the Bundy 101 version of what these knuckleheads are trying to prove?


Someone like **Lumpy **might tell you more about their resisting-tyranny, cop-killing fantasies.

There’s a large element of fringed-flag nuttiness there, too:

That’s actually a good idea, Cliven. I suggest they do exactly that.

Well, if that’s true then I can see why they’re upset. That is some pretty hardcore Oppressed White Guyism they’ve been subjected to.

The NY Times has a small article on the front page of their website. Fox News has it front and center with this headline:

‘AS LONG AS IT TAKES’: Armed protesters hunker down in federal building over ranching dispute

Now, let’s pretend these were armed Muslim extremists that took over a federal building. Would the NY Times have a small headline? Would Fox News call them “armed protesters”?

I think just looping this fine tune would do the trick.

Something I don’t understand: The very same redneck idiots who support the Bundy terrorists are adamant that Obama will send his jackbooted thugs to take your Grandma to the death camp if you mention Jesus during Christmas or refuse to vaccinate your children. Yet AFAIK the Islamo-Kenyan thugs have left Bundy alone.

What gives? Didn’t Bundy mention Christmas? Are his kids’ vaccinations up to date?

There’s nothing wrong with the Bundys that a plane load of napalm wouldn’t fix. I hope they get into a shootout with the feds and get blown to unrecognizable smithereens. If we execute people for selling cigarettes and playing with toys, surely we can eliminate these cancers.

I’m about as anti gubment as you can find around here (barring actual wackadoodles).

And about as pro gun as you can find around here (again barring actual wackadoodles).

But how the previous Bundy shit went down (I agree with most Smapti shit to be honest) had me screaming “mow down those stupid asssed muther fuckers already”

So this is kinda like my personal perfect storm of “conflicting” interests.

Personally I hope a shit load of idiots end up in jail or dead.

PS. I too thought this might be a Ted or Al thingy.

Did you SEE the last few seasons? Truly pitworthy.

If the Hammonds don’t want them there, this could reduce collateral damage. I’d want to be far away from Cliven Bundy when the balloon goes up.

If I gave you a gun and the opportunity, would you kill Cliven Bundy?

If I gave you a gun and the opportunity, would you kill Cliven Bundy?

I would if the heavens parted and God said “you won’t burn in hell or spend time in jail for it”

Bundy is gawd damn fucking dickweed.

If I gave you a gun and the opportunity, would you kill Cliven Bundy?

I know exactly what to do with terrorist scum.

So, you’re good with summary execution, and even willing to perform it yourself, as long as you personally risk nothing? I want to be sure I am clear on your position.

For which LE agency or branch of the military do you work?


I don’t feed trolls.