The Burning Dog Crater -- Raidlist and other fun things for Cataclysm

Crater, of course, because that bastard Deathwing trashed our inn.

Anyway, I felt that we deserved a new thread with a fresh expansion, especially since the raid list we’d established may change a little bit with the the new season and people’s personal leveling/gearing paces. Feel free to also discuss scheduled heroic runs, PvP times, and whatever else.

Hopefully people will still make an effort to be around on Monday nights to 5-man until we get enough people geared to raid. Keep building that guild xp!

Thanks Jragon, I’m still behind the curve since I don’t have the xpac yet. (Need comp upgrade first) I have to settle for playing my new race/class combos. Still, I hope to jump in on some guild runs throughout the weeks to come:)

So would anybody be interested in doing some instances tonight? I’ve done all of them except Grim Batol, and Throne of The Tides, and I heavily suspect we won’t have enough on at the appropriate level to run the 84-85s (Grim Batol, Halls of Origination which is my favorite, and Lost City of the Tol’vir) anyway, so I can vouch for experience in Vortex Pinnacle, Blackrock Caverns, and Stonecore if we want to try those.

It shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t have whichever instance discovered since we can meeting stone summon you near the entrance (and for BRC and ToT I would need to be summoned since I’m too high to queue for it). If you don’t have ToT discovered but have Defending the Rift word is that it’s fixed fo’ realz (dawg) this time, so you should be able to complete it and discover the dungeon.

I work nights, so it’ll be tough for me to find any time to do guild runs anytime soon. Trying to level, but I find the druid (Taursus) suddenly extremely boring and the underwater zone even worse… it’s been a rough go.

I’m definitely up for some instances tonight. I haven’t run any yet, but I’ve discovered ToT so I can help summon you there. It’d be great to get some guild achievements/XP for doing those.

ETA: Also you don’t need to do Defending the Rift to discover ToT, you can just swim down into the whirlpool to find it. But, of course, do DtR if you can. I did it last night and the bug seems to be fixed.

I can’t wait to get a mount and I’m so glad that I can get one at 20. Thanks to FB, I’ve been able to get to 15 as of Sunday.

I’ve tried to go it alone, but that spire in Eversong, had me bamboozled. Even though I had diffused all three orbs, I couldn’t figure out that one needed to use an orb to get back down, so hell, I just jumped down the first time which resulted in the top orb not having been diffused, so Bird helped me with that and many other quests yesterday.



I’ll be on tonight at 7pm PST…I do remember Defending the Rift (Is that where you outfit the Orcs underwater and the then a bunch of those Naga attack at once? If so, then yes, I did that.)

I’m level 82 now so I would love to group up for the ToT 5man tonight. I got this sweet sword crafted yesterday which should be a tremendous help in dps.
Also, I crafted more gems and put them in the guild bank…I tried to guess which are the more popular ones (+20 str, int, agi, etc.), so they can used as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to take what you need. I have plenty more gems (that need the alchemy transmutation first) to craft. I’m trying to get my JC to 475 so I can start doing the dailies, and I was only able to get to 460…so please, call on me when you guys get the cata gems to craft whatever you need that I have available.

Speaking of the guild bank, I dropped a couple cata gems and 19 obsidian bars (the cata equivalent of cobalt or fel iron) in the guild bank; I’ve been sending my embercloth to my tailor alt :).

And I was able to upgrade my bags to 4 frostweaves, thereby creating 83 spaces!


Tom, I jumped on those bars and gems already…made the bars into folded obsidium which was one of the mats for the sweet sword. JC’d the Jasper into the most useful cut that I had available and put it back into the guild bank. The red gem I held on to JC a +strength cut for later. That’s when I decided to put a bunch of cut gems back into the guild bank so others can pick and pull what they need. I have 3 folded obsidium and one bar left that I could put back in the g-bank if anyone needs OR I can BS a couple of Red steel plate items with it if anyone needs it.

Kalathan finished Mt. Hyal yesterday, and dinged level 82, so I’m up for some instances tonight. I haven’t run any of the new ones yet, and don’t even know where any of them are (although there’s obviously one in the ending zones of Mt. Hyal).

Actually, no there isn’t… Hyjal is the only Cataclysm zone without a 5-man dungeon. Sure looks like there should be one though, eh? :smiley:

I’m also trying to level my enchanting on Kene, so if you need any of the trainable enchants let me know. I can also d/e any BoEs you don’t want to sell.

Also, let’s at least do a random Lich King heroic (or 2) tonight for guild achievements too. We did Halls of Lightning not too long ago for our only achievement thus far, and we can definitely walk through any dungeon with little or no difficulty.

I achieved “mount up” Sunday, but wasn’t sure what that means, because as I understand it, I can’t actually do that for 5 more levels.


A request from me here:

Don’t feel like it’s a “have to”, I’d just like to be able to put a face with your names.



PS: I HAVE seen the pics of a couple of you!

I’ll be in for the 5-mans on Monday from now on as well. I’m technically heroic geared as well for when we get to those, though I’ve yet to set foot in one. I’ve been working on running normal instances as healer today and will probably start leveling my paly tank tomorrow and get him instance ready as well for when we need a tank.

IIRC, it IS home to one of the new raids though, and technically, you can get a shortcut to unlock BRC from Hyjal.

I got kicked from a PUG heroic group because… no idea, I wasn’t doing anything obviously wrong. I think it’s because the AOEs are evil and at “recommended gear” melee just can’t handle it, at least in Halls of Origination. I’d be up for doing some “at least 3 guildies” heroic runs, but I’m out of the PUG heroic scene until I get some serious gear upgrades.