SDMB World of Warcraft guild recruiting!

Burning Dog Legion is a guild of Dopers (and a few hangers-on) in World of Warcraft and we’re looking to add you to our group.

We’re an extremely laid-back guild, with players of a wide range of skills and interests. We chat a lot in-game, help each other out on quests, do PvP, dungeons and the occasional raid. Whether you want to play every day or just twice a month, we’d love to have you join us.

We are Horde faction and on the Cairne (PvE) server. If you have a Horde toon on another server, you can transfer it over or start a new character. If it’s your first time playing WoW, ask us about the recruit-a-friend program – you can get triple experience while levelling plus other bonuses.

We’ve got about 15-ish regular players, and some less-than-regular players, from low-level characters to about a dozen level 70’s. Newbies and experienced players alike are welcome. We are very newbie-friendly.

To join us, create or transfer a Horde character on Cairne and type /join SDMB to talk in our chat channel. Introduce yourself and ask for a guild invite.

The new expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King, is coming out in less than two months, so this is a perfect time to join, or come back if you haven’t played ina while!

Fellow guildies – please post to add your testimonials and add anything I’ve forgotten.

Skammer, aka
Kene - lvl 70 Priest
Rillian - lvl 16 Paladin
Joreb - lvl 15 Hunter
Durgo - lvl 4 Warrior

I just recently got my main character up to level 70–Omencaller, an Orc Shaman. I have a smattering of alts, but don’t play them regularly.

I usually play about an hour or so each night and some on the weekends. A little bit of questing, a little bit of PVP, a little bit grouping with guildies. Pretty much the definition of a casual player. For me the guild is mostly for chatting and giving/getting help on quests and is working well on both accounts. I also do a lot of trading (a.k.a., gambling ;)) on the auction house, so I can tell you what the current market value of most anything you may find.

It may be against guild rules as it is usually reserved for level 70s but…any new chars that join I will give 5 sharpened fishhooks AND a potion of waterwalking. I might even throw in some fish oil. And fish, I have lots of fish. I am leveling my fishing and I have a quantity of fish now. A large quantity. I might have more fish than gold. That is not good. If you don’t join and get some fish I am going to have to vendor it. Then all the shops in Azeroth will smell of fish, and it will be YOUR fault! Beyond that I am available to help anybody who needs it. Even though I believe I have the least WOW experience in the guild. See you over there. (Or maybe not, I am a rogue and we are very sneaky…you may not see me at all. Until it is too late!!!)

-Laradon (level 70 rogue)

I rolled a druid on that server, and tried to join the channel…but nobody else was in it. Druid’s name is Oakhorn. I’ll try again maybe tommorrow sometime.

I’m still saving up for paid name-change (my current warlock) and transfer of my 68. I’ll be back… eventually, hopefully before WoTLK, but definitely by then.

Correction: I had enough, so I bit the bullet and did it right after that post. Now I’m waiting on Blizzard getting around to moving him.

The Awarding of the Fish Hooks to the Newly Achieved 70’s is a long, time honored Burning Dog Legion tradition. The true origins have been lost in time, but, as legend has it, there was a fierce competition between a shaman and a priest to acquire the Ultimate Poof before the other. The Lord High Priest deemed that the first between the shaman and the priest to Ultimate Poof shall be rewarded with the Sacred Fish Hooks.

Battle ensued. The priest went this way, the shaman went that way, all in the chase for the 'Hooks. In the end, in a far corner of Lower City, the priest was engulfed in light and glory, and was Poofed. On the spot, the Lord High Priest presented the Newly Poofed Priest with the Sacred Fish Hooks.

The Newly Poofed Priest exclaimed his joy and honor to his comrades, the passerby, and the heavens. In the spirt of competition, the Newly Poofed Priest not only vowed to give the shaman the Sacred Hooks, but actively helped the shaman reach the Ultimate Poof. Just a mere 8 hours later, the Priest presented the Shaman with the Sacred Fish Hooks. With that came the missive from the Priest: “As was presented from above me upon my achievement, I was instructed to tell you that you are to present these to the one that follows you.”

And thus a legend and tradition was born. The myth get a little fuzzy after that, but most storytellers and scholars say that a rogue was the next to be bestowed the Sacred Fish Hooks. Some say the Rogue attempted to give some Sacred Fish Hooks to people who had not achieved the honor of Ultimate Poof. The Rogue was summarily placed on the end of one of the hooks and used as bait by the Keepers Of The Tackle and was mourned by no one. Members of every faction were invited to the Fish (maybe) Fry. A glorious time was had by all.

Other stories say that the Rogue kept the 'Hooks sacred, and just waited as a hunter and a warlock battled to be the next for the Ultimate Poof. The Rogue remembered what an honor it was to be told he was the holder of the Sacred 'Hooks, and looked forward to the day he could bestow the honor upon the next Poofer.

But these are all myths and legends. As told to me by someone I trust.

Jarryn-70 priest
Tiavet-59 (right now) mage

Burning Dog Legion, Cairne

On a more serious note:

Jragon, we’re still waiting for your return.

Oakminster, try /who burning dog if no one is in the /sdmb channel.

Everyone else… c’mon back! Let’s get some things done before LK comes out.

Yes…err…of course I was joking about the fish hooks…errr…put down the skewers…clearly a joke. Only one newly Poofed would even be worthy. Clearly you missed my joking tone, but don’t worry about it, a rogue’s humor is as subtle and sneeeeeaaaky as the rogue himself. Many have fallen prey to the rogue’s gentle promise of “come here…free fish hooks” only to find themselves face down with a sword in their back (real rogues don’t use daggers…they are “teh nerf” as we say…heehee dagger rogues).

So come on over…it is Brewfest! Really…this isn’t another sneaky rogue trick…there is free beer…honestly.
See you over there (but you won’t see me),

I’m glad you mentioned the sdmb chat channel. Since we use it so rarely, some of us may no longer auto-join it when logging on. I’ll make sure I have that on. I think you can message any of us directly ingame to join.

I’m Bipp, 70 Hunter, and more recently, Mokha, 42 Warlock. I’m on just about every day, and would be happy to offer a tour of dailies to a group of new 70’s.

We have a great guild, good humor, good people, and zero drama.

I actually already have someone in the guild (assuming I haven’t been kicked out for not logging on in months and months), but sadly, I’ve had zero time to play lately. It’s been so long I don’t even remember the name of the toon. I do remember he’s a druid, around 20-25ish, I think.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have time to start playing a little more in the next month or so…

Oh I’ll be back today, assuming Blizzard stops faffing about and actually approves my transaction.

Blizzard says I transferred him too soon ago, guess I’m stuck with my now renamed character, oh well.

Now I have to do the part I hate… updating all my mods. Curse really needs a batch update feature.

Woot! I’m now a proud Legionaire.

Old habits die hard. I’m running around Mulgore tonight, and see a couple of blood elves. First, I automatically noted they were not flagged. Probably a good thing, since this druid doesn’t seem to have a Pom Pyro hotkey like my mage does. Second, I typed “Kek” to them…forgetting for the moment that I’m a hordie on this toon.

For the…Horde?

If I decide to play again, I’ll probably start up a new character and join up with you guys. What class(es) are the higher level guildies? Is there any class you need more than the others for your occasional raids?

I think I’m the slow-poke… the plodder… the not-in-any-hurry one of the guild since I have yet to reach 60, or to have at least been mounted (even though I am “of age”).

Join up and I can at least help you with the first few levels.

and a few others

Here is our guild profile on WoWArmory - you can use the stats page to see our class distribution. We have two tanks and two primary healers so we could of course use more of either. But that said, we could use more of just about any class, so play whatever you enjoy the most.

It’s a very nice, friendly, and easy going guild!

With people at different skill levels, it’s easy to feel ‘at home’.

Mosier: The guild set up probably closely reflects the actual Cairne census for Horde classes, but I’m a big fan of playing what feels ‘fun’. :slight_smile:

Rulca: Level 41 Paladin (hee hee, I’ll catch up to wonderlust’s Mohka again, just watch!) :wink:

Lady of the Lake

My druid is going feral, so we have a tanklet-in-training. I anticipate being able to tank Ragefire Chasm by this weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Level 9.5 at the moment. Plan on getting my first animal form tonight.

A tauren druid, in his first animal form.

Why, I’ll be…un-bear-a-bull.

Wow, 45% Blood Elf!? What kind of pansy guild are we? :wink:

Brewfest is on! I love the brawls with the Dark Iron Dwarves. Drink a mug of beer and throw it a Dwarf. By the end of the fight, you’re so drunk you can’t see anything. Remember, don’t ride/fly drunk! (Or you’ll keep crashing into the things. Or, so I’ve heard. :D)

hmm… I’ve been debating transferring some people off of Jaedenar on account of I turn out to really hate PVP servers (I thought it would be like PVE servers only with more monsters, and as it turns out, they’re a lot like PVE servers, with more monsters, and the extra monsters are all assholes). So, debating the $25 per toon cost… and, most of my time is spent on Cenarion Circle… decisions, decisions.