WoW SDMB Guild: Toon (avatar) names

Now that we have the World of Warcraft Straight Dope guild up and running, I thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves with a quick word of explanation about our WoW names and how they relate to our DoperNames (if they do). I’ll start:

I started a Tauren Shaman (just hit level 13) named Vombovinus.

The name was derived from the genus of the common wombat (Vombatus) and the adjective meaning “of or relating to cows” (bovine).

Professions: mining, skinning, 1st aid.
Enhancement specced.

Troll Hunter: Algher! that keeps it simple.
Herbs and Alchemy - I like healing myself when soloing.

Now I just need to get up to 20 or so, but I have been buried with honey-do lists leading into Easter weekend.

If you look at the Guild Notes, everyone has (or should have) their Doper name and professions listed. If you’re in the guild and haven’t done this, please take a minute to update your notes.

Kene - Undead Priest (I just clicked “random name” until it came up with one I liked).

Character in the Legion:

Rezhkaf - troll shaman - no real meaning…just a Hordish sounding name.
Characters on Cairne that haven’t asked for membership yet:

Romero - dead priest - obvious connection to zombies…
Tenebrous - cow warrior - “shadowy” Black fur and horns.
Rioduran - belf mage - Duh.

Like I said in the other thread, you can tell there are Dopers on Cairne. Try naming a toon “Marianas” - name is unavailable. “Hiyopal” - name is unavailable. “Gotchaya” - name is unavailable…

I haven’t done that yet. If I can’t find the notes just fiddling around, I’ll ask an offspring.

I have a troll hunter named Missanthropic. The namer wouldn’t let me use spaces or capitalize inside the name.

She does mining, blacksmithing, first aid, and fishing. I haven’t seen cooking, yet, but if it’s available I’ll add that, too. I tend to level slowly, so I may always be behind everyone’s armor needs.

Undead Mage - Rottingbird - cause he’s undead. Herb/Alch like most of us:)

BElf Priest - Healingbird - cause she’ll heal (although not until much later as I’ll level by going shadow, but still - a priest’s a priest and even Shadow priests can heal) I keep forgetting not to name my alts after the talent spec. herb/Skinning, for the money.

As for how these names relate to my doper name…uh Birds.

Blood Elf Hunter “Squip” - currently level 19. Enchanting and herbalism (I dropped alchemy since there seems to be a fair number of them in the guild).

My SDMB username was already taken on Cairne (!); “Squip” means something only to me and my high school best friend from many, many years ago.

My first character is Riverheart, Tauren Druid, with herbalism and skinning. I try to pick names that are plausible in-character. Riverheart seemed like a good druidic name.

My other character is Omencaller, Orc Shaman, with skinning and leatherworking. Again, what I thought sounded like a good shamanistic name.

I picked my professions to have two gathering (skinning) feeding into one crafting (leatherworking) so that I always have plenty of materials to work with. The third one (herbalism) to have another source of income and benefit from the Tauren bonus.

I have two characters to improve the rested bonus. I also like to complete quests from every zone, even ones that I’ve nominally out-leveled. It lets me keep my professions up to date and will generate money and reputation from the extra quests. Yesm I’m in no hurry to level. :slight_smile:

My name is also my SCA name. It is hunnic in origin and is [very] roughly translated as sky ‘boss’ [qan/khan is more or less ‘boss’ of <insert something> sort of a realistic translation would be Boss Ghengis or Boss Kublai, as khan/qan could be used with a number, denoting the officer in charge of a certain number of people, or a tribal name, or a function. The author of the book I used as a reference didnt have any particular reason for the reference of someone named Aruvqan, just that the name was mentioned in a document found in Byzantium and what it roughly translated as. I like to think she was a female shaman, so it feeds into the animist beliefs that the spirits are also involved in the air and sky.]

I am undead warlock, will be demonic until I hit raid level then will change to destruction. I do herbs and alchemy. Seriously good money in selling excess herbs and potions.

My Warlock is Jragonmiris, pretty self explanatory. I already used Jragon once and figured adding the “miris” made it sound all warlocky.

My Druid - Jsor, this is actually my favorite name, but I registered on the forum before I started using it. Would’ve gotten it changed to that but it’s too late now (kinda, I’m also lazy).

By the way the “J” theme is because my initials in real life are JJJ

Hunter - Ophielenis I have no idea where the crap i came up with it, it just sounds cool.

Niobrara - “running water” as it was known to the Native Americans, river in Nebraska
orc hunter - skinning, Leatherworking, chef, fishing, firstaid

Baconsalt - pet boar

the 3 Bloodelf Sisters (sorry, too much rpg’ing?)

Cliodhna (Celtic goddess associated with healing) - Priestess

Thvia (supposedly the Scottish diety of War, but have heard it may be a name from a SciFi book)

Asrai - (Brythonic mythology aqautic faerie) - Mage

Mullo - (Roma folklore - Vampire) undead Priestess

Okay, now I don’t feel so bad about my four…

‘Laughingedge’ (cos ‘Laughingblade’ was one character too long, darnit.) Belf pally, mining / blacksmithing. Level 13 currently.

Jarryn… Undead priest. Name means nothing; it’s a naming convention I use. Consonant1VowelConsonant2Consonant2YConsonant3.

Agrajag… Undead warrior. Totally ripped off from THHGTTG because I’ve never played a warrior before and I think I’m going to die a lot, no matter who’s fault. I’d kill to have someone make a priest named Arthurdent and go levelling with me.

Jarr is a miner/jewelcrafter and is in the process of being Shadow specced. Ag doesn’t have professions yet but will be a blacksmith and… still haven’t decided the other. I’m thinking Fury spec for now.


A friendly Paladin who enjoys **healing ** and **protecting ** the innocent.

Luckily ‘the innocent’ refers to ‘everyone standing behind her’ so the scope is broad. :wink:

She can often be found mining, heading down the wrong path, or **engineering ** oddly shaped goggles and bombs that inspire terror in enemies.

(If the bombs themselves don’t frighten, the maniacal laughter I give when using them should).

Great job tanking in RFC yesterday!

Everyone was really great yesterday - very steady and helpful!

It was a lot of fun having a total doper group! :slight_smile:

Kruler, here. No good story behind it, just picked an anagram of Lurker. Tailoring (closing in on 12 slot bags) and Enchanting.

Thank you for that wool bag, btw. By the time I had a chance to send back a mail in-game, my computer problems started, and I forgot about it until I saw the toon name here.