WoW SDMB Guild

A while ago we had a thread about forming an SDMB guild, but it never got around to doing anything useful.
They just opened a few new servers, so that everyone on that server is going to be a newbie. I think this is a good time to work on the idea - since we’ll all be starting, and in the same level range. I figured that if anyone wanted to create an alt character (I made a few, I want to try out different classes), these new servers would be a good place to do it.

So, I’m proposing we create a guild on the new server firetree (PVP) if anyone is interested. I don’t want to do another non-PVE character, and I regret having my main on a PvE server, so I want to do PVP. Hopefully the rest of you want to.

Post your name/class/race/whatever in this thread, if you create an account on fire

I should add - my characters are alliance, and the general preference around here seems to be for the alliance, so that’s what you should create an account as.

Would love to join you, but I’m already juggling one character with my former EQ guidlmates and another with some RL friends of mine with the fact that I don’t have time to play either. Best of luck, though :slight_smile:

Senor Beef, would you mind connecting the dots for those of us who have no idea what you’re talking about? :confused:

World of Warcraft.

You know other then the guild we formed on Thunderhorn with several SDMB’s on it already. It is very successful with many generous dedicated players. Just because a few people didn’t feel like compromising (it’s Horde on a normal server) might mean it’s not useful for you but not to the rest of us.

Eh, I guess I forgot about that. Sorry.