The Canadope Café, 2014 Edition: In 3-D!

Hi Everybody! Time for a new year, and a new year of Canadian Dopers gettin’ our Canadope on!

So, how is everybody? Having a good, safe New Year’s? What’s new with your bad selves?

Happy new year!

Edit: you wanted 3D, didn’t you? I’ve only got one pair of those red/blue glasses though. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

Maybe if you squint one eye, then the other one, very quickly…

I just wanted to get in early!

Anyway, this is a reflective new year’s eve for me. My first as a single parent.

Better times are afoot.

Always look on the bright side of life. (♪Whoo hoo. Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.♬)

I’m in Dallas for New Years. Before the Stars game, I went with my parents to a party that a friend of theirs was hosting. The guy is a billionaire and has an art collection that includes a Monet and three Picassos.

As a very proud Canadian, who was born in Scotland, I yet again feel compelled to say:

Happy Hogmanay, and Lang May Yer Lum Reek: just like last year.

It may be my continuing new years’ tradition.

Happy New Year / Bonne Année, everyone!

Looking forward to many interesting conversations with Cana-Dopers in 2014, from coast to coast to coast.

You guys are an important part of my life and every day I enjoy your witty, thoughtful and occasionally goofy posts!

Happy New Year everyone! This screen seems to be moving around and I can’t figure out why. :cool:

A Happy New Year to the CanaDopers! I hope 2014 brings you much happiness and prosperity, and I look forward to discussing Canadian issues with you through the coming year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you all long life, good health, great happiness, and may you always have a bottle of something delicious at hand whenever you want one!

When I read the title of this thread it reminds me of “Police Squad! In Color!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! Made it through another one, eh?

Big Thanks to Cat Whisperer for the new thread, and also to Le Ministre de l’au-delà for opening the Café a few years ago - it’s been great!

Oh, and I see it’s called “Canadope Café” instead of “Canadoper Café” this year. I wonder if this is a new tradition I hadn’t heard about?

Yep! Next year, it’ll be the “Canadop Café”!

Thanks Sunspace. That literally made me LOL.

ETA: Hey, Leafs and Wings on outdoor ice. Check it out now on our beloved CBC! Largest crowd for an NHL game ever apparently.

Scotch, or beer. Scotch, or beer. God the decisions I need to make!

Sounds like the kind of dilemma John Lee Hooker hated to face.