The Captain has gone down. Daryl Dragon dead at 76

Daryl Dragon, the Captain of The Captain And Tennile, has died of renal failure at the age of 76.

I always thought they should have used him in those Captain Morgan commercials.

I don’t know about that.

I used to watch The Captain and Tennille Show on TV every week, and I bought their greatest hits album, which I still have.

They got divorced a few years ago, after a 40-plus year childless marriage.

Didn’t he also have Parkinson’s?

RIP, Daryl.

If you asked me, I would have said that he died a while back, but it looks like they got divorced in 2014. I’m sure that’s what I was thinking about.

@nearwildheaven. It looks like he had a “Neurological condition” that caused debilitating tremors. I’m guessing that’s what you’re referring to. Not looking any further than his wiki page, it makes no mention of Parkinson’s.

Shows how old I am when I tell you that the music of his father, Carmen Dragon, used to be played on The Standard School Broadcast over the PA system when I was in grade school.

76 is the new 27.

I watched the Captain & Tennille variety show. I enjoyed it at the time.

He was a talented keyboardist.

RIP Captain

So it looks like love couldn’t keep them together.

RIP, Cap’n.

Death as a career move. It has worked for others. Not sure how well it worked for Hotblack Desiato.

The Captain and Tennille on Soul Train(!!!).

I didn’t know Carmen Dragon was the Captain’s dad. The Dragon arrangement of America the Beautiful is the standard school band version of that well-known piece.

I think I read once that the divorce was for financial reasons.

Not quite. Still, they remained close and Tenille was with him at the end.

Back when they divorced in 2014, Toni Tennille gave some sort of confusing explanation that Dragon’s worsening medical expenses could be better handled if they were divorced. Couple years later in her book she changed the reason to his lack of intimacy.

At one point there was a story about his illness making him abusive. I guess you can say there were multiple factors, and it depends on which way Toni is feeling when she does an interview.

Heard an old American Top-40 replay the other day which recapped the biggest songs of 1980. I remember “Do That To Me One More Time”, but had no idea it was the third biggest song of that year. (Wiki has the song ranked 5th, but Casey Kasem had it 3rd.)

(For those of you interested, “Call Me” was the biggest song of 1980, “Another Brick in the Wall” was #2.)

Boy, the guy pretty much wins the lottery as far as cool last names, then embraces a genre of music where his cool last name is really kind of wasted. Life doesn’t make sense sometimes.