The Car Jumper has gotten recogniztion!

You all know you do it, you have a little man jump over things while you lok at the window of a car. Well, ow you get to control his jumping online!

It’s a very fun game, with only two buttons to master using.

PS, that’s one of my friends who has the high score of 153 levels.

I made it to level 11 with pretty much no trouble. Got to the end on the first try and Mr. Wendell got me. For some reason I couldn’t make it over there again.

Oh well, not level 153 but not bad for a first shot. I could see that being a fun time killer in the future :).

I especially like the part when your little stick figure guy breaks in half and spews blood all over the place. Good Times!

Shhh… I really do that .) neat game

Ok how do you get past the bridge on level 2?

level 22 is bitch, and I hate that fucking bum!!!

MannyL, you have to use the big jump (right key) as close to the bridge as you can, basically.

It only took 3 minutes for me to truly hate this game.