The cat's in the laundry basket, and all is right with the world. So far.

“Your Majesty” is asleep on the folded bedsheets in the laundry basket, along with “Mud”, “HyperKitty”, “Dammit Cat!”, “whump”, “Godzilla Kitty” and everyone else. Don’t worry, there is plenty of room leftover.

“Zeus” is too busy preening herself to shriek.

The newscaster is bumbling over any word with the letter “m”.

I have a comfy robe, fuzzy slippers, and a cup of herbal tea.

I did laundry yesterday, and today will be baking cookies an doing some more studying. Or perhaps trying to watch ROTK without falling asleep like I did last night.

So how has your New Year been so far (even if it might already be mostly over)?

They never crap in it???

Don’t get me wrong - despite my username I’m a cat person, but I keep 'e, clear of freshly washed laundry. It’s got a big invisible sign on it saying “WORLD’S BEST KITTY LITTER” - written, of course, in cat.

This was almost exactly my own first reaction reading the OP. Get them out before you have to do laundry again!!!
Other than that, today is grocery day. Not much different from last week.

Hamsters ate my post. Take 2.

Nope. One cat, many names, and she’s never done that in the 8 years I’ve had her. Worst I have is a couple of stray cat hairs on the bedsheets. She doesn’t like the socks and towels. Just the flannel bedsheets.

Just waiting for another cup of tea to brew, then baking some cookies. A good year so far.

Hamsters eat your posts. Cats crap in my laundry. Thus nature balances herself. :smiley:

Your user name and what you just wrote have me laughing my snotty ass off. :smiley:

I’ve never had a cat crap in my fresh laundry ever… um, wow! :eek:

I’m sick with a cold, but I think I’ll bake cookies today too. I promised my grandson I would. Cuz I’m a good grandma and all that. :smiley:

Then I’ll sit his 6-year-old-self down and show him the Heroes of Might and Magic III map I built just for him so he can learn the game. (That’s what I did last night waiting for the New Year to roll in. Build that map and post on the board.)


Okay, things are NO LONGER right with the world.
My toilet handle just broke.

Actually it was the long, thin, cheaply-made plastic tube that connect the handle to the chain that pulls the rubber stopper that lets the water drain and flushes everything. You know that part? That’s the part that broke. Although it did break off inside the handle. So until I get it fixed, I have to pull the chain inside the tank if I want to flush the toilet. I do have rubber gloves (think I’m sticking my hand in the tank?!?), and damn good bladder control.

The cookies are gonna have to wait, at least until I wash my hands with soap and rubbing alcohol. Anyone got some advice on how much and how difficult this might be to fix? And does anyone know the exact name of the book that teaches women how to fix damn near anything in the house? I saw it on a website once but never bookmarked it.

Well, at least I had a decent cup of tea this morning.

And don’t worry, TLD, I have my own laundry basket…

The part is really cheap (you buy with with a new handle) and it will take you all of five minutes to replace it yourself (probably not even that long), and IIRC you don’t even need tools.

There should be instructions on the packaging, for the new one, but if not, if you just examine it closely and it’ll be obvious what you’re supposed to do.

*The Cat’s in the basket with the laun-der-y

A little more till it’s a cat with a pee

When ya gotta go, Kitty, don’t go there

Take it to the litter box, Cat

Take it to the litter box…

And as I cleaned out the box

It occured to me

My jeans smell like cat pee

My jeans smell like cat pee*

We’re playing D&D today as usual. I’d better do some dishes now, and get showered and dressed.

Quasi-Daughter, Friend From Work, Mr. Lissar and I are doing the EE LOTR marathon thing today. Actually Mr. Lissar is wimping out of the first two. I hope Friend From Work doesn’t mind how… interactive… Quasi-Daughter and I are while watching movies. We’re going to cry, sing along, and shout “Forth Eorlingas!” a lot. I expect he’ll hate us by the end.

So far I’ve gotten up, had a bath, and I’m sitting at the computer drinking tea and thinking about breakfast. The New Year is pretty good so far.

I’m doing laundry and waiting for my sister to get here so we can have our traditional New Years crepes.

I’m also dragging the phone with me everywhere because my cousin’s wife is in labor and we’re getting constant updates.

And maybe I’ll watch the LOTR movies today too… or at least the special features of ROTK.

The new year’s starting off just fine. :smiley:

I’m heading to Home Depot as soon as The Capitol Steps is over.

Sigh. I did vow to get rid of more crap out of my life this year.

I went to a party with my friends last night and we stayed up till 5 AM. We watched Benny and Joon and Chocolat for Johnny Depp; and got donuts and sparkling grape juice. Today I’m planning on sleeping and watching my Harry Potter movies. Oy, so tired…

Stayed in Rico’s chat for the countdown (you rock, my man!) then went to sleep, woke up this morning horribly early for an 8 a.m. shift, walked over to the store…

…and was sent home for the day because they were overstaffed. squee! :smiley:

Now I’m just kicking back and relaxing until the evening.

‘m watchin’ an American Hotrod marathon.

I’m doing laundry, but the cat and dog both stay clear. Then again, when I bring a warm load up from the basement, my sweetie and I immediately fold or hang the clothes so they don’t get too wrinkled. The TV channel keeps changing - it’s obviously testosterone-induced channel surfing.

The sun is setting, and it’s getting a bit darker in here. All in all, it was a lovely day.

Um, new year’s fine so far, apart from Mum having one of her supposedly menstruation related rows with Dad and eldest sister :stuck_out_tongue:

Cat sat on the laundry, on eldest sister’s new Twister, but we’ve invested too much time and effort in his basket for him to sit there for long. And he doesn’t seem to go outside his own kitty litter so that’s alright.

So, Joe’s in his basket, all’s right with the world (to paraphrase some anime I watched) :slight_smile:

Lol, that just reminded me. My g/f’s cats all seem to like sitting in the upturned lid of her laundry basket. And like she said, if she bought them all a lid each, they’d only ever sit in the one she used for the laundry basket :smiley:

My cats are all over the place but not in the clean laundry (because I don’t have any.

I started my new year with a cold, a kidney infection and employee disputes. Whee. twirls finger in the air