The Chef Jeff Project - 11/2

Is anybody else watching this? I love the premise, and giving some hard up youngsters a 2-year scholarship is awesome!

I’m having a hard time with Shante and Adam, although Adam was stepping up a bit before last night, enough to earn him a team leader postition. Then he screws it up! I’m sure Shante lied to Chef Jeff about her car being vandalized. To what gain? And she screwed Maria (?) with the carpooling. I don’t know why she’s been given a second chance after that. It’s disrespectful of a great opportunity.

Adam sure is an emotional boy, isn’t he? He cries almost every episode! :slight_smile:

I love this show, though I missed the last one. Since I work at a CC, I see students who are trying to change their lives, yet get caught up in destructive old patterns.

I read Jeff Henderson’s autobiography, “Cooked”, when it first came out and I have been following the show. I don’t think that Shante realizes what a great opportunity she has here.

I haven’t been watching the show but caught Chef Jeff on Dinner: Impossible and was impressed by his history, dedication and commitment. But the last thing I need is another show in my life, so…