The child I put up for adoption 26 years ago has found me.


She reached out to me - and I responded to her email tonight - I told her we’d take it as easy as she was comfortable with - but what a wonderful gift! She’s OUT there!! :smiley:

And Oh LORD would I love to talk to her!!! 26 - almost 27 (in about a month) years since I’ve even seen her - I’m in tears!!! GOOD tears!

That is great! You’ve done another good thing!

This is lovely news. I hope it works out to be all you’ve dreamed of.

I’m very happy for you! thanks for sharing your joy with us.

A friend of mine was contacted a few years ago by the son she gave up for adoption. The relationship that has blossomed has been wonderful for both of them. I wish the same for you and your daughter!

Wow, it must be incredible to hear from her after all these years! Do you know how she found you?

Make sure it’s not a con. It’s happened before.

I’m scared - she hasn’t gotten back to my email yet.

Let me start from the beginning - (no not 26 plus years ago - don’t worry! :D) I got a call on my home phone (which is listed on adoption registry sites) from her last name which I didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the number and no one left a message. So I thought nothing of it.

This morning, I get an email from the same last name as that phone call with the right dates and names and everything that I had on the adoption registry (I’m looking for my birthmom too but also put her info in too in case she was looking for me) and emails from her and I confirmed everything and now I’m kinda freaking out. No. I’m not kinda freaking out. I’m REALLY freakin out.

I still have the phone number she called from last night in my phone - but I’m afraid to call. I think it would be too pushy if that makes sense.

Oh Good Lord - it’s my DAUGHTER - I’m not making ANY sense!!

Thanks for your concern - I sincerely do appreciate it.

I found my birthmother 16 years ago-and it’s been a pretty rewarding relationship. Not only did I find 2 beautiful sisters, but now one of them has given birth to 3 wonderful nieces. I hope you are as well rewarded.

That’s wonderful Missy! I hope all goes well :slight_smile:

I bet she will email back. Maybe she’s just taking some time to think of how to word things before she does!

I hope so - she apparently is in Texas - my google-fu is working OVERTIME right now - I’m still just scared. And Happy as Hell. And ready to throw up. And all of that stuff. Thanks for being here - I appreciate it you’s guys!

I’m really happy for you!

I’m a 34 y/o in her position.

If it’s something that you’d feel comfortable sharing, could you tell us what led up to putting her up for adoption all those years ago?

What’s the situation on the birth dad? Will you be able to put them in contact, if she so desires?

I THINK this covers it but if you have other questions that weren’t addressed in that thread, please don’t hesitate - I have no problem talking about it. :slight_smile:

As for birth dad’s whereabouts I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to him since 1999 (I tracked him down to let him know my dad had died - and that was really hard to do. Track him down, I mean. He’s basically a waste of air.) But I mean that in the nicest possible way! :smiley: So I’ll ask her, if and when I ever meet her (I made it clear in my email to her that this would all be on her terms) that if she wishes me to find him, I will do my best. She deserves that. And I’ve tracked him down before, I can do it again. This isn’t about me - it’s about what SHE needs and wants. Does that make any sense? :slight_smile:

How are you dealing with it? I hate to sound selfish but can you maybe give me any insight into how she may be feeling so I can try to figure out what to do/say/how to act/whatever/I’m freaking out?

I have no idea even what to SAY if we talk on the phone - would I be to out of line to ask you what things you would and woudnl’t want to hear? Anything??? Please???

I’m so happy for you!

Such great news!

I just glanced over at your old thread and I am sorry if these questions have already been answered somewhere: Did you get in touch with your own birth mother and build a relationship with her? What does your son think about this? Does he know that your daughter has reached out to you now?

I hope it all goes well for you.
Breathe. :slight_smile: