The cold Monday morning MMP

I shall speak to the Moderators about that, and the snow that Central Arkansas is rumored to receive tonight.

Open the folder.
Click of the first, hold down the shift key and click on the last.
Press the delete button.

Okay I will try that
Thank You!

Or to pick through photos to delete click the first, then <ctrl> click the rest you want to delete (to highlight them) then delete them.

I suggest doing it every 10-20 pictures so if you screw up and accidentally un-highlight them you have only lost a little work.

Happy Birthday, Doggio!

It’s raining here. We got about four inches of snow Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday morning. It warmed up some, but not a lot, during the day yesterday. Today, it’s raining, and the snow is melting off. My lawn and driveway were still white when I left this morning, but I’m sure it’ll be all be gone by the time I get home tonight.

I’m here at work and alone for the moment. I’m enjoying it immensely, because once everyone else gets here, it’ll be busy, busy, busy. I’m so sick of being so overwhelmed with work. Bleh.:rolleyes:

We had that this weekend ---- at a Harley shop. NASCARbernet Sauvignon and Merlogasremaining.
And a happy happy joy joy to Doggio!!!

Anyone watching the Olympics? Anyone remember 1968 when Tommie Smith and John Carlos hit the podium? I’m hoping some GLBT athlete will give some sort of bent-wrist “hello sailor” salute --------- while the Russian President is present. But maybe that’s just me.

A striking, colorful Sauvignon, and a quite aromatic Merlot.

It’s like Crown Green Bowls but on ice. Throwing a stone at another stone and brushing the ice in front of it to try and get it to move further along a smooth surface. I got subjected to it a lot in Scotland - besides, it’s pretty much the only time you’ll ever see a bloke use a broom.

Flytrap - hanging is too good for some people. For the rest, I have a list.

I disagree. We usually can’t get the women into the carpentry and metalworking shops, so we have to sweep up after ourselves.

Which is why there are no women to see you do it.

Happy Moonday all!


Nights and early mornings here remain chilly but it warms up into the 40s during the day. That’s all I’ve got this morning. Kerwyn (Svengooli) had a joke-of-the-week up but it didn’t grab me today … yet. LOL We’ll see if it does later on.

Mawnin all,

Blurfity blurf blurf

I got home last night a little sneezy, which I assumed was from dust disturbed by re hanging my 5000+ lbs of PA system. Nope, woke this morning to massive nasal discharge factory and sandpaper throat. Well here we go, damnit.

Happy Doggio Day

Monday, why do we have to start every week with one? Just saying.


Well aren’t I organised.

I did all the errands I said I needed to do (ok, I haven’t been to the shops yet, but I’m going to nip in after juggling 'cos I go right past the big supermarket then, and that’s Efficient), plus I did some digging, took out a small tree that I’ve been meaning to get rid of for years, did some boring forms for the council, contacted people about lifts for a convention in two weeks time and started prepping bottles to bottle some of the homebrew.

It’s almost like being a grown-up.

Pretty much sucks, hunh?


Just noticed you question in the last post of the last MMP.

This is something I picked up from an Army Vet I used to work with. Depending on who is in Command, you can have a three shift/watch system (8 hour shifts) or a four shift/watch system (6 hour shift), there may be others as I was never in the Armed Forces. Delta Watch is the fourth shift, running overnight hence Dog Watch. Jack, the Vet, used to make “Dog Watch Coffee” for our late shifts, very strong with some Kosher salt in it to keep it from being bitter.

I started “A Dog Watch MMP” a year or so ago, about our late night escapades from our youth. IIRC it is linked in Doggio’s sig.


Something was in the air re: slow cookers. My Paula Deen’s Beefy French Onyum Soup was an epic fail. The cooker never got hot enough to caramelize the onyums but I proceeded. The cooker never got hot enough (yes, I had it set to high) to simmer the soup. At that point I get pissed and like Jynx, I threw the cooker away. The soup I poured on the snow in front of my neighbor’s house. Heck, she lets her dogs poo on the common area lawn and doesn’t pick it up.

Happy birfday Doggio.

I decided on burrito rather than Indian food for lunch since we’re getting Weather. I did not get my taxes done because that Mysterious Paper Regarding the House threw a monkey wrench in my eligibility. I’m emailing Complicated Friend before I call Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe about the paper because if there were funds involved and if he has them, I know where to point The Hounds after I release them.

This is a fluffy snow, not the ski-slope snow we’ve been getting all winter. This is already going to be a sucky paycheck week due to me going home early twice last week, and it may get suckier depending on how many people cancel for tonight and tomorrow.

[QUOTE=Capt Kirk;17092026

This is something I picked up from an Army Vet I used to work with. Depending on who is in Command, you can have a three shift/watch system (8 hour shifts) or a four shift/watch system (6 hour shift), there may be others as I was never in the Armed Forces. Delta Watch is the fourth shift, running overnight hence Dog

Ah, they are cur-tailed!

At home waiting for the insurance adjuster and contractors to arrive, waiting for four banggai cardinals to become acclimated.

Broken crock pot lids are a definite downer, man. :frowning:

And let me add my hippo birdies to you, doggio, as said over at ta FB.

72 degrees Murkin and sunny here after a rainy wet Saturday and cloudy Sunday. But guess what? Saturday was so fun that we’re gonna do it again Wednesday. :stuck_out_tongue:

taters, my boy child moved to Seattle from Florida in July and I got pics and video of he and DIL frolicking in the snow with their dogs. Of course, they are loving it since it’s a novelty for them.

rosie, I watched the first part of the Beatles show and thought it was kind of fun but I thought the sing-along was kinda strange. I mean, Yoko? Really? I did like all the other musicians singing the Beatle songs, though.

“Paul, Linda sing with Wings. I sing with you, or we no make whoopie.”