The Comeback... it must die

I don’t know why but I can’t seem to stop watching and hating this show. Am I alone here? Is there a single person who wouldn’t like to see every character on that show starting with Lisa Kudrow’s chained to a wall and beaten until they pray for death? Or at the very least take one good sock right in the kisser?

In fact, if they started the next episode with Valerie getting punched in the face it would totally redeem the show in my eyes.

:rolleyes: Why do I think you didn’t come here to talk about TV?

Can’t say I’m a big fan of the show, and I wanted to like it, too. I’m just not terribly fond of watching people stand around and be awkward and uncomfortable. Yet I don’t feel compelled to be violent, so much as to *change the channel * if I don’t like it.

I promise it gets easier after the first couple of times, kinda like sex. Which is one of many things you could do instead of watching The Comeback and wanting to hurt imaginary people. See? Lemonade out of lemons! Now cainxinth go and be strong, grab that remote and clickity click!

Oh, and I’ve been accused of snarkiness when no snarkiness was intended. So I solemnly swear to the great Og above, my post is snark free, 100% powered by free-range whimsey, cross my keyboard and hope never to have to resort to smiley overload to communicate, amen. Pink unicorn kisses and jellybean rainbows to all!

I think it’s brilliant (Curb Your Enthusiasm brilliant), but man, is it ever painful to watch.

There were some good bits in this week’s show – Valerie’s “homemade” cookies, Mickey offended that people assume he’s gay, Valerie learning the writers’ names, and then they keep coming – “all the others”.

Valerie’s trying so hard – you have to give her that, she’s tough. Now if she could just get a clue.