The corned beef is in the slow cooker

John has a long moustache.
The eagle has caught a fish.
I have miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep.

No, really; the corned beef is in the slow cooker. After a while I’ll throw in some potatoes and carrots. I don’t always, because sometimes I just want corned beef and cabbage; but this time I will because I want carrots, and potatoes absorb the excess salt.

Yep, just popped mine in a little bit ago. I usually add the vegees in the last hour or so in the cooker, or else take some of the corned beef juice and boil/steam them in that. If you cook the vegees as long as the beef all you get is mush in my experience.

Yep. I have russets, ro no more than an hour for them. Cabbage goes in last, of course.


Works for me.

Actually, I push most of the veg into the brine, then stack the cabbage on top of everything else so it basically just gets steamed in the airspace in the slow cooker.

Dinner was a success and I’m having a shot of whiskey for dessert. Just one, no need to go crazy, and I want to watch Cosmos later.

I’m saving the brine to cook vegees in later - it adds a lot of flavor to things like boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes as opposed to just using water.

Griffin the Green Cheek Conure finally dipped his beak in that oddly colored liquid the humans sometimes drink but don’t let the birds near. The little sneak. Just a dunk and then he got snatched away by the spouse. He spent ten minutes shaking his head and wiping his beak on the couch. I have a feeling he won’t be doing that again.