The Cubs magic number is...

A real live winning streak. Sure it’s only two games, but you have to start somewhere.

The magic number is down to 153!

The hitting (particularly with runenrs on base has been pathetic. Offensive output has been horrible. That said, I completely believe in the pitching holding up (and the bullpen will pick it up) and we all know the offense won’t stay dormant.

A few 6 and 7 game winning streaks await us in the near future.

The magic number is now 148 after taking two out of three from the Giants. (They would have won the other game too if they had somehow managed to score more runs than their opponent.)

The Cubbies played some very good baseball against one of the top teams in the NL these last two games. I have sent them an e-mail instructing them to, “keep it up.” I have little doubt that they have every intention of heeding my advice. Bring on the Dodgers.

That’s right I said, “Bring on the Dodgers.” Sure the Cubs didn’t beat them on their first try, or their second, or even their third, but the fourth time is a charm.

April is over and May is looking pretty good so far. In 24 games in April the Cubs combined for 21 home runs. In three games in May the Cubs have already hit 9 dingers. After sunday, the Cubs’ next 29 games are against NL central foes. If the Cubs play well through this stretch they can be in first place by June and everyone will forgive and forget that dismal April.

I haven’t posted to this thread in a while, and anyone who follows the Cubs knows why. However, I thought I’d post today because I’m not sure the Cubs will have another winning streak this season as long as the one they are on right now. (Current streak = 2 wins in a row. Woo hoo!)

Mark Prior looked exceptional in his debut. I hope he is more than a flash in the pan and can stay healthy. Another thing I’m hoping for is that warmer weather will warm up the Cubs’ bats. (I’m looking in your direction Moises Alou. Career BA = .303 : 2002 BA = .176)