The Cubs magic number is...


Some people may think it is a little early to start tracking magic numbers. I hope that these people wil accept my invitation to shut the hell up.

Lance Turbo, you are a god to me.

On my way to the train each morning, there’s a storefront for an insurance agency that displays the Cubs’ magic number during the season, and in the off-season, days 'til the season opener. They would most assuredly get my business if I were in the market for it.

In reality, the Cubs magic number is 2058.

2058? That’s funny.

But if you look up 2008 as a trademarked item for shirts, coffee mugs, etc you’ll find someone’s name.

And I know 'em.

Hmmm, ESPN Gamecast sure is running slow today. No runs in the first, but Patterson got a single so maybe he can get off to a hot start.

Crap, down 1-0 in the bottom of the first. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Actually, I really believe the wild card is ours. Houston will fall on thier collective face.

Haven’t the Cubs already been mathematically eliminated?

Go Mariners!

Tied 4-4, top of the ninth. Patterson’s been pretty solid today.

Well, crap.

At least it was a good game.

We meet again Wednesday!

The first place Chicago Cubs now have a magic number of 161.

The division race is kind of tight at present, but I have little doubt that the cubs will prevail. Corey Patterson is clearly at the beginning of the first of many MVP seasons. If he keeps up his current RBI pace he’ll end the season with just over 400. (And he can get that even if he has a couple bad games.)

That’s almost as impressive as Barry Bonds’ pace to hit 324 HR and have over 700 RBI this season.

Go cubs go!

It’s also really nice to see Hundley play with a little fire and confidence. That’s not a bad thing. And, holding off on using Moises Alou so he can be fresher and provide a boost. Sheer brilliance.

Calf injury? Ha, I don’t believe. Rather, it is a calculated move to give us a boost.

Well, when you’re dealing with Alou and the choice is between ‘injury’ and ‘subtle gamesmanship’ the safe money is on ‘injury’.

But we’re in first! Only 160 games to go!

Sure they were stuck on 161 for a while, but those days are over.

Go Cubs!

This is why I love being a Cubs fan. No other group of people becomes so irrationally exuberant for so little reason.

However, the new season has lost almost none of its promise, and anything can happen between now and October.

So, 160 it is.

The Magic Number is 29 - that’s the number of major league teams who would have to die in fiery plane crashes before the Cubs would be favored in the World Series. (and a lot of money would be on the Columbus Clippers…) Nobody in Chicago has won a postseason series in forever - last time they won one, the Yankees hadn’t won any - they’ve won 26 World Series since. Hey, that string of postseason losses started when you lost the World Series to the ** RED SOX!!! **

Fans who do NOT get to laugh at the Cubs:

White Sox - yeah, last making the WS in 1959 is SO much better than 1945… and the time before that you made it you threw it (1919 Black Sox).

Phillies - you’ve been around since they started playing the World Series (1903). You’ve won once. The Mets started in 1962. They have more than that. The Blue Jays started in 1977. Again, more. The D-Backs started in 98 they have that many. Heck, the ** Cubs** have more.

Red Sox. For obvious reasons.

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That said, any baseball fan should try to catch at least one summer day game in the Friendly Confines.

I was a little worried there. But at least they won one early on - it could have been a repeat of the 0-13 start in '97. That was…bad.

This? This is nothing. Can o’ corn.

160! Woo!

Everyone knows the old saying about how once your magic number hits the high 150s it’s smooth sailing from there on in.

Am I the only one who noticed this thread was started on April 1st?? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Seriously, if they have good pitching the could do all right-and Wood is one of teh best. But hey, I’m a Brewer fan, what the hell do I know?)