The Daily Show 4/20... one of the best ever

Here’s a link to the full episode.

This was a completely brilliant show, and highlights everything that makes Jon Stewart so special. First his response to Bernie Goldberg and Fox. It was uncompromising and withering and hilarious, but at the same time self-deprecating… and it even managed to come off seeming evenhanded.

Then his interview with John O’Hara, a tea-party-er who wrote a book about the tea party movement. Again, Jon Stewart somehow walked a fine line where he was clearly polite and interested in meaningful discourse, but didn’t let O’Hara get away with any crap. And, the whole time, the show remained funny and incredibly watchable.
Jon Stewart is the greatest populist political commentator working today.

He even gave O’Hara two segments of the show (as opposed to the typical one), and was always gracious and respectful, but still made his questions incisive. His guest eventually figured out he couldn’t spin through with just talking points, and laid off the red meat pretty quickly.

And yeah, when Goldberg, Hannity, O’Reilly & co. occasionally try with the comeback, it’s hopeless. They really are clueless as to what his appeal is, let alone the point he’s trying to make. They just see him as “Og-me-no-like-Republicans” because that’s the only wavelength they’re used to in their daily discourse.

Bernie Goldberg hits back:

Anyway, I think it would be wicked hilarious if Stewart brought Frank Rich back on his show and actually did french kiss him. The longer the smooch the better.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how those buffoons can watch Stewart and say “Man up!” The man has more balls than anyone else on the tube - even Colbert!

The interview was hard to watch because O’Hara was so clearly in over his head. I think Stewart recognized that and went easy on him. O’Hara seems to realize the Tea Party’s rhetoric has strayed pretty far from his own ideals, but he wouldn’t say it.

Oh boy. Methinks Stewart is going to have a field day with this comment tonight. Or at least I hope he does.

It was a great show. I would have thought Goldberg would give up the attack though, he can’t win can he?

“Win” according to whom? His people don’t watch TDS, and consider Jon Stewart the enemy. To them, Goldberg can’t lose, *except *by giving up.

Well that’s true but what I was thinking is things like this usually boost the Daily Show ratings and go somewhat viral around the net. It does not seem to help Fox’s numbers, but maybe I am wrong?

From the article linked in OP:

The latest battle started last week when he ran a clip of Bill O’Reilly and Goldberg saying the media overgeneralizes in its coverage of the Tea Party movement and conservatives. Stewart then ran a clip reel of Fox News hosts and contributors making sweeping generalizations about liberals.

There’s no winner here. Looks like a playground spat:

  • You’re idiot!
  • No, you are!

The only difference is that one is news commentary show pretending to be a comedy show while the other is a comedy show pretending to be serious news. Come to think of it really doesn’t matter which one is which. This plays like CNN’s Crossfire only on two different networks.

Well, except that one participant is a petulant self-centered child with a stunted sense of humour and the other is Jon Stewart.

Right. Stewart pretends to be serious news by having a choir tell Goldberg what he can do to himself. All serious news shows do that. Unless the first show you mention is TDS and the second Fox, in which case I can only say that the Fox comedy is lame.

Stewart is just pointing out media hypocrisy, and he does it for all news shows. Fox does this more often than anyone else, which is why they get dinged more.

just to play devil’s advocate, stewart does represent the liberal elitists, AND his audience is for the most part- uninformed (read: stupid). the daily show can do a lot of good if it crammed more facts into their comedy instead of wasting time getting into spats with fox news.

They elitist and stupid? Tricky.

Heh, Stewart even talks about this dichotomy in the episode we’re talking about, in the video linked to in the OP.

AND Pancakes3 engages in the very generalizations that Stewart pasted Fox News for at the beginning of this particular slug-fest.

Actually his audience is quite well educated. There have been surveys on this point. It’s hard to be amused by The Daily Show if you’re not up to date on the news.

What I did like about this episode is that Stewart said exactly what I’ve said about him in the past: he does not need to choose between being a comedian and a serious commentator. And neither does Bernie Goldberg, who is a failure as a commentator and a humorist. :wink:

I watched that opening segment with my fifteen-month-old daughter on the couch next to me. As soon as the first choir guy came out and started singing, she started laughing hysterically and didn’t stop until it was over. It was funnier than the actual segment.

Really? Did you watch TDS? Because if you did you would have noticed that Stewart’s argument to Goldberg’s comments had considerably more substance than “no, you are.”

Or is it that you’re having trouble seeing an argument because there was a swear word in the segment? Does everything with the word “fuck” in it instantly become unsophisticated and immature to you?

As said before, the only reason you think TDS is pretending to be a serious news show is because all the other news shows have become jokes. If you knew what real news looked like then you wouldn’t have trouble mistaking TDS for a serious news show.

Historically, that’s not tricky at all.

:confused: I think most unbiased critics would agree that TDS has exactly the right ratio of facts to jokes.