The Daily Show, April 07, 2011 Glenn Beck is going

Anyone else watch last night? It was an epic episode that Jon clearly had a lot of fun with. Perhaps his favorite target got a fitting send-off.

I have heard it was a full show of Beck-mocking, but plan to watch it tonight on DVR…

…and I couldn’t think of a more worthy target.

“You would know that I was telling you the truth! Not because I have told you the truth in the past; I haven’t. Not because I know what the truth is; I don’t. But because I would tell it to you…while wearing glasses.”


Here’s a link to the full episode at the Daily Show site. Like Jon says, Beck was good for business. :wink:

Meh, fans of the show already find Beck absurd. Jon beat Tucker Carlson like a red headed stepchild and destroyed his career. I’m sure Jim Cramer chalks his Daily Show appearance as one of the worst moments of his life. I probably chides Rick Santorum that his last name means something now. Even Ted Stevens got grilled.

This was like pistol-whipping a blind kid.

When I saw the thread title, I had brief hopes that Glenn Beck was actually going on the show. That would have been way better than the Huckabee interview from the previous episode.

Yeah, but seeing well-done parody and satire deconstructing Beck’s silly conceits helps us to know that, in fact, we aren’t going insane, even though a show such as Beck’s was taken seriously at all.

Over the next 10-15 minutes I am going to fuck you with the truth.

It was amusing for a few minutes but then I got tired of it and skipped to the interview with Jamie Oliver. I don’t like when Jon relentlessly rips into a dumbass like Beck or Cramer. It’s not a fair fight.

Whenever I see Jon Stewart do this (it’s the third? fourth?) it makes me glad that Colbert started his show when he did. If it had been a couple years later he’d might be making fun of Beck instead of O’Reilly and that would be hard to take every day…

Well, I laughed. A lot.

With Beck’s TV show gone it will be just the tiniest bit harder to fill Daily Show air time.

Yeah, I didn’t really see this as “ripping” into Beck, it was just a parody. And it makes sense for him to do it, because who knows what Becks gonna do next. If he stays out of TV, Stewart will never have a chance to do this again.

Obamamayan! :smiley:

Anyone else see similarities between Jon’s mannerisms last night and Craig Ferguson’s? I hadn’t noticed it before, maybe because Jon is always behind his desk.

Yeah. I thought it was impressive in it’s utter lack of funny.

“Comedy is not pretty.”

– Steve Martin

What do you call an act like that?!?

Saying it’s not fair isn’t the point - although I think it’s perfectly fair game. Beck’s not a mental patient. He’s a guy cynically playing a character so he can make an easy buck. I didn’t think so at first, but over time it became obvious. He may have started by working from his own real opinions, and maybe Jon Stewart is right that he later bought into his own hype, but he was doing his show to make money and exploit his audience - some of whom probably understood it was an act, but others were ignorant and dumb enough to take his garbage seriously. Byron Williams took Beck seriously enough to try to kill some people Beck singled out on his show, although I’m sure that guy was ill in the head. It’s easy to show what was wrong with Beck’s arguments, but it’s not unfair to pick on him. He deserves nothing but contempt.

“I am going to fuck you with the truth” almost out-Colberts Colbert. :smiley:

Probably on purpose. I just started watching the ep online, and he says he’s going to be using weird camera angles.

Every time Stewart parodies Beck is one of the worst, least funny DS episodes ever. And he did it for an entire show…just really awkward. Beck is already a parody anyway.

Sometimes Jon goes for the easiest target.
Time constraints and all that, ya know?
But, yeah this was a low point.

A blind kid who earns tens of millions of dollars a year and gets tens of thousands of followers at a rally on the National Mall. Why he’s that popular I can’t fathom, but Beck isn’t exactly a powerless and harmless cable access dimwit.

And disagree with it being a low point- I loved it.