The Danish butter cookies that come in a tin are awesome.

Especially the pretzel-shaped ones. That is all.

I concur

They’re especially great during the holiday season.

I tried to make them cheaper and better at home.

I failed.

Yes. Yes, they are.

They are the best.

The distinct, memorable blueness of the tin. The “pop” when you first open it. The crinkling sound as you begin lifting out cookies. The very specific taste of that sugar, and of the hint of vanilla in the cookies.

I have a lot of nostalgic feeling for all that.

Give me some, please. Love them things.

I can confirm that the subject of this thread, and the opening statement are both, in fact, true.

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Roger that.

And the tins are useful for washing small auto parts in solvent. But finish the cookies first.

Followed by the memories of the crushing blows when encountering a thin of that in the living room and finding that mom was using it for her needles and threads… :slight_smile:

I heartily concur with all the above cookie loving sentiments. But BEWARE!!! ! Some of these “Danish” cookies are made in China, as I was appalled to discover in my local Walgreens last year. Similar round blue tin, similar shapes of cookies. A perusal of the label revealed the switcheroo.

I have to say, I like the tins better than the cookies. As a kid, I preferred Salerno butter cookies. I probably still would, if I could find any. Do they even make them any more?

Yup. Although the rectangular ones with all the sugar crystals are a close second. Crunchy.

It’s in the amount of butter, margarine and coconut powder they put in. Cans make pretty sewing kits.

I think the cheap ones I’ve bought have been from Turkey. Sometimes I’ve had good luck with the cheap ones, sometimes not.

Those tins are a holiday memory for me. Specifically of going to my great aunt and uncles house for thanksgiving. I’ve always thought that they’d would be great for dipping in chocolate fondue or with a smear of nutella.

The store I work in gets some every holiday season. about half of the shipment gets to the shelf. The rest are bought by the staff (with our discount) and of course, a few are “damaged in transit” and find their way to our break room. Great for snacking!

There’s a meme going around about how back in the day all these tins were filled with Grandma’s sewing equipment to fool hopeful children. But my Grandma was a junk food-a-holic so there were always cookies in those tins when I was a kid. Or else she kept the tin after the cookies were gone and filled it with candy. I must have been blessed.

Speaking of which, I’ve had Danish cookies only a few times as an adult, always as a gift around Christmas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them sold in stores, but I imagine Amazon sells them. I’ll have to buy my first tin soon.