The deep end

So I went off the the deep end for a while. And believe me it was deep. But I’m back with my (half) wit and (cornball) humor.

One good thing came of my drinking though, I met a girlfriend last summer when I was on one of my gawd-awful binges. (We wouldn’t have met otherwise.)

They called her “kitty-kat”(Cathryn or Katherine) she was 21.

She came here to work for the summer. She went back to Spokan WA before fall set in.
In that short three months she made a lot of friends because of her extremely friendly and outgoing nature, she was beautiful on the outside also.
She was too trusting in human nature…F*CK!

You see, she gave a hitcher a ride and he strangled her and took her car. I only heard about this a week ago, and little other details.

If there’s a doper in Spokan please email a link to an on-line local paper or something. I did an extensive search with no luck. (hopefully that means it’s not true) I can email her last name if that helps…

I simply don’t know what to say to that. This is so very sad. My deepest condoleances to you and everyone near her. You’ve been here long enough to know that everyone here will support you and wish you luck in these hard times. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for you. Again, my deepest condoleances.

How effing tragic! You have my sincere sympathies, tony.

That’s so tragic… hug

Tony, I’m glad you’re back - I wish you strength.

I’m so sad to hear about your friend. :frowning: