The Definitive 2008 World Series Thread: Phillies vs Rays

Since I’m biased, I thought it would be nice to have a separate thread that focused purely on the World Series. There has been an MLB Postseason thread over here, in case anyone needs to get up to speed.

Let’s start off with taking a look at Jayson Stark’s Five Reasons to Embrace the Phillies-Rays matchup:

  1. Fresh Faces
  1. Do you believe in miracles?
  1. The city that never celebrates
  1. The managers
  1. The ballparks

Stark put a lot more into this, the above is my two minute synopsis.

But that doesn’t mean that Vegas or the public thinks they Rays will win.

So the problem is that they stand to lose a bunch if the Rays win, because some folks were insane enough to put money on them at 200-1 pre-season (or early in the season), so they need to lay off that money or they could get really hurt.

Tampa has gone through a tough division and a difficult post season. It is hard to turn against them now. They should win.

If Tampa Bay hits like they have so far in the postseason, this is gonna be a hell of a series!

Go Phils!!!


Interesting fact I heard yesterday: A Florida MLB team has never lost a playoff series. The Marlins are 6-0 and the Rays are 2-0 so far in playoff series. If trends continue…

People are definitely getting worked into a fever around here. You see lots of Rays gear and “Rayhawks”. I assume Philly is also getting worked up.

I think Philly has a good chance to take Game 1.

I’m taking my son to Game 1 and then my daughter to Game 2.

It was pretty tough to take a Game 7 in the past series but I think it would be fun for the Series to go seven games this time around. I read that the last few series have been sweeps, except one which went five games. Balance is better for fan interest and ratings. Radio today said that Sunday’s Game 7 was the highest rated ever on cable TV.

Mayors Frank Hibbard of Clearwater, Rick Baker of St. Petersburg and Pam Iorio of Tampa have offered up a Florida Beach Picnic, including:

Coconut shrimp from Cha Cha Coconuts at The Pier
Stone crab claws from Clearwater’s Frenchy’s restaurant
Cuban sandwiches from the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City
Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino Cortez Cigars from the J.C. NewmanCigar Company
Key lime pie from the Fourth Street Shrimp Store in St. Pete.

Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael A. Nutter wagered Philadelphia cheesesteaks, delicious Tastykakes, Philly soft pretzels, mac-n-cheese from Delilah’s Southern Cafe and a Rocky statue.

I think the Florida folks are getting the short end on that one, but we’ll see.

Nutter will have to pay off 3. He loses bigger.

From ESPN Page 2:


“31. The Phillies’ Game 3 starter made his major league debut when the Rays’ two star rookies were less than a year old. Also, Jamie Moyer will be making the first World Series start of his 22-year career.”

“29. Because the Phillies have won fewer World Series titles than the following teams: The cursed Cubs, the formerly cursed White Sox, the no-winning-record-in-16-years Pirates, the expansion Blue Jays, and the far more recent expansion Marlins.”

“16. Pat Burrell: Lady-killer, or unintentionally hilarious? You decide.”

Not really relevant to the game, but to the perception of the game here in Tampa: I just picked my son up from after-school care. I would guesstimate that about 80% of the kids there were wearing Rays shirts (dark blue t-shirts, mostly) today. There was nothing like that last week.

Now I know that some areas, like Philadelphia, for example, that have had a major league team for many years would sneer at these bandwagon fans. But these are all kids between the ages of five and eleven, in their “baseball formative years”, many of whom may become lifelong fans out of this. I thought it was kind of cool, and it was definitely surprising to me.

This is the “death is not an option” World Series.

The Rays have been an embarassment to baseball since their inception. Meanwhile, the Phillies can kiss the New York Mets logo on my hairy, white ass. I hate them and their ugly ass uniforms too.

Where’s manic Manny when you need him?

Just leaving for Game 1 now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Just checking in as a Philly Phan. On the way out the door to the bar. Good luck to the fans on both sides.


Amazing that these teams are in the Series, but they earned it and the strangeness will keep me watching. I think the Rays are going to take this one in five - to me, they’re that much better.

… and Utley whacks a first-inning homer. Knew it was coming as soon as I made my post. :stuck_out_tongue:

And they’ll be right off that bandwagon the second the team starts doing poorly.

Go Phils!

(I was one of those 11 year olds in 1980!)

(My first post, Who-hoo!)

Is it just me, or does Cole Hamels look like John Cleese?

Mets were an embarrassment until they won too. I consider the Rays to be brethren

And fair enough. Makes the team want to succeed.

That stopped being true about six months ago.

So far it’s a great game. We’ve had a couple of home runs, a guy thrown out at home, a controversial call, it’s close in the late innings. Aren’t yoy guys ENJOYING this? It’s friggin’ great!