The delivery menu I am reading...

I was just reading a new delivery menu, and here are some of the menu descriptions verbatim:

Purred chickpeas blended, tahini sauce

Chooped vegetables blended, walnuts

Fried vegetable balls

Fish reo, blended, olive oil, lemon

Carrot Salad
Carrot gratered, yogurt, oil

Mix Appetizers
All appetizers piece

Cucamber gratered, yogurt, garlic, water

Kofte Sand.
To mince grilled lamb with salad

Humus Sand.
Purred chickpeas, tahini, salad

Young Sish
Little piece lamb o beef, green salad, rice

Hasan Pasa Kofte
Pool lamb balls, potato purre, mozeralla and rice

Fried zuccuhini potato, service yogurt, dill

Arnavut Ciger
Sauteed liver cubes

Green, Red big pepper in rice, chooped lamb

The typos aren’t mine.

Mmmm mmmm Mmmmm…lunch, anyone?

If you’re gonna go to all the trouble to open a restaurant and print delivery menus, would it kill ya to have someone proof-read the sumbitch?


[shrug] Most Chinese restaurants around here have typos. I geuss they just don’t bother with fixing errors, or don’t care.

That’s pretty spectacular, though.

The restaurant may still be good. The food sounds good, anyway.

You’ve never chooped a lamb?

Yeah, I have a hankering for those Pool lamb balls, I must admit.


Sounds yummy!

We get the daily specials from a local restaurant faxed to us at the office every day. Imagine my consternation when I spied the following as the soup of the day:

Split Pee Soup


Ummm…thanks, but maybe I’ll stick with the seafood bisque.


an ingredient or an instruction?

Come on, order a large bowel.

maybe they reckon that people will think the food is more authentic (and therefore better) if the english is so bad?

Maybe they don’t know anyone who’s english skills are better than theirs. And they could also be aiming more for the middle eastern ex-pat contingent than the american contingent.

Chinese restaurant in town here has a sign for:

“Shemp in gralic sauce.”

I was always more of a Curly fan, myself…

I think what’s even worse is when in China or it’s SARs, get the american translation of the menu, apparently marketing isn’t their strongest suit. I’ve seen:

Fat of Snow Toad Soup
Cold Gelatinous Blubber and Silver fungus

and other such delights.