The dogs' revenge! Vick chew toy

Heh. That’s awesome. If he ever makes it back to the league, you can be assured that they’ll pelt him with them.

Pure, beautiful, poetic justice. I’d buy one, but my dog doesn’t like chew toys.

p.s. I wonder how long they will be in business before he sues them.

Well, at least something positive can come of all this. Awareness of such atrocities is the first step in making them happen less frequently.

I want to patent a decal that one can apply to the bottom of their toilet depicting any of a number of unsavory characters. Vick, W, Bin Laden, Wilford Brimley, the list could be endless. Michael Vick is a great quarterback…

for me to poop on!


The day of his arrest, I turned to my wife and said “bet’cha Michael Vick chew toys would be a hot seller…”

I want a dollar from each one sold, and I want this company to remove their listening devices from my living room.