The Doors - What Do You Think Of This Band?

None of them impressed you with their musical skills? They were trained in jazz and were/are highly respected as musicians. Morrison died at 27. Had he not died and had he gotten help for his alcoholism he would have evolved. He had a very high IQ and was an avid reader.

Morrisons father was the commanding admiral in the Gulf of Tonkin episode that heralded American involvement in the Vietnam War.

I agree with what you said, except that his “antics” weren’t just dumb, some were probably criminal. He’d probably be hauled off for statutory rape these days and put on the sex offender list. He actually was convicted of indecent exposure in Florida and sentenced to six months in jail, suspended pending appeal which was rendered moot by his death.

“…He’d probably be hauled off for statutory rape these days and put on the sex offender list…”

Unfortunately, that’s probably true, because at any time in history there would be plenty of people such as yourself on the jury.

By the way, Morrison was pardoned 40 years after the “alleged” incident.

Without any actual evidence. Twenty years later groups like 2LiveCrew were doing far worse.

I listened to The Doors briefly in high school. A friend loaned me a couple 8 tracks. I wasn’t impressed enough to buy my own copies.

I hear Light My Fire on the classic rock station. That’s all I need.

Well, Sha Na Na is right up there with The Archies.

There are hundreds of photos, not a single one exposing himself.

As Jim said, it was an indictment of a lifestyle.

Why do you assume I’d vote “guilty”?

As I said, at the time he was convicted of indecent exposure and sentenced to six months. It wasn’t MY decision, but the decision of a jury at the time. Sure, he was pardoned 40 years later, but if he hadn’t died and had actually wound up in jail a pardon would not have given him that six months back.

It’s like saying someone in 1965 was convicted of sodomy and sent to jail for 5 years for being homosexual - not MY decision, and not one I agree with, but back then that was the law.

Yep. He scared a certain part of society and they wanted to shut him down.

Why you ask? Your post upthread, of course,…“antics” in quotes, probably criminal, statutory rape, sex offender’s list, etc. Doesn’t exactly scream open mind.

If he hadn’t died, his lawyer would have had a chance to present his appeal. Maybe, just maybe, with a fair judge and jury, instead of only a post mortem pardon, maybe they could have gotten the charges expunged for lack of evidence. Like Mort pointed out there were thousands of pictures, also videos, you know what there wasn’t?

Nary a peek o’ pecker.

Yes, just Morrison allegedly yelling to an audience “do you want to see my cock?” Which shouldn’t be enough to get a person arrested, but people get irrational about “protecting the children”.

He once said “Does anyone want to see my gentials?” just as a joke after Miami, and then milked it for a minute… The Miami show is on YouTube, an hour long.

I’m fully meh on The Doors. Some good songs but I’ve never heard one Doors song and said “let’s hear me some more!”

What really gets me is the Morrison fanboys. He is not the second coming.

I agree. I still think they were a great band but could have been even greater if Morrison had not been so infatuated with himself.

A lot of those bands back at that time were publicly anti-establishment but secretly rather commercially-minded. The Doors were a good example. Their first 45 rpm single was not “Light My Fire.” It was “Break on Through.” And it stiffed! They were reportedly very upset about this. They were getting played on the few FM “Underground” radio stations but they wanted to hear their record getting played by the Boss Jocks on 93 KHJ, the #1 Top 40 station in Los Angeles. Elektra did a single edit of “Light My Fire” and asked them their opinion. They said something like “OK by us. We want to hear ourselves on KRLA and KHJ, stations people actually listen to.” They were just commercial enough to get occasional AM radio play, which was very important at the time.

I’ll agree with the last few comments on some of his fans (mostly young and without heroes from their lifetime) who think the man was god, or “the greatest poet ever”…

But, just like a melody, if lyrics move someone, maybe he is the “greatest” for all those fans… I’m wondering if they read a lot of poetry; I don’t.

But how was he so infatuated with himself? Do you have video/audio/interview of something?

As a band? Meh.

Good at best, pretentious at worst. Doors of the 21st Century? Manzarek, give it up! You were and are nothing with Jim.

Jim? Godlike! Music? Poetry? Ramblings? Whatever you call it, his voice drew you into a trancelike world without drugs.

GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY! Manzarek did indeed give it up, about 7 years ago. Well, 8 years in May.

My opinion, FWIW. I really loved some of their work. I liked Manzarek on recordings*, really loved the keyboard on more than a couple songs. I know some folks hate on “Light my Fire”, but I still, to this day, love that song. I’m usually all about the guitar solos, and I appreciate Kreiger, but I liked Ray’s keyboard just as much. Some of their stuff was pretentious, some was silly, but even when it was, sometimes I liked it anyway.

Jim was a curious, intelligent, better-read-than-I young man who pickled himself. Not sure if that helped or hurt his work, or if it did both at differing times. He was pretty tore up by L.A. Woman, from what I’ve read. I wonder what his career would have been if he’d been relatively sober. Probably would have been much the same, eventually giving everything up for poetry. He would have come out of retirement in the 80’s, or especially the 90’s after The Eagles showed how much they could get away with charging for a ticket. He might want to go off and do his own thing, but a TON of money can really help with that.

Did anyone mention yet that, “Light My Fire” was recorded too slow, and that the version you’ve probably listened to for years is not what they intended? Here’s the intended speed, and here’s the slower one I knew for decades. I kind of like the slower version better. Sounds darker, more menacing.

*- Watching his live performances on Youtube underwhelmed me, unfortunately. Without an editor, Manzarek had Mozart disease. “Too many notes.” :slight_smile:

Compare his voice on L.A. Woman to the debut. Night and day - he tore his throat up. Though I can appreciate that whiskey gravel he had at the end, it’s an open question of whether he’d be reduced to a frog croak by the next album or two.

Like many I was a fan when I was young, a lot less so as an adult. They were a good band and historically important. But these days I would usually rather listen to one cover or another over the original. But I do still have a strong fondness for Peace Frog, despite the Morrison poetry - I think it is mostly that guitar.

I was just doing a little comparing for fun. What a difference four years made, but his voice did sound kinda smooth on “Riders On The Storm”… Sometimes I think the material has a part… Densmore said it best, when he was being recorded for “The Making of LA Woman” (deleted scenes on YouTube I believe)… He thanked Jac Holzman for leaving up the billboard 6 months after Jim died. He also mentioned how Jac put one up for their first album (and single), where they “set to conquer the East, and now (L.A. Woman) trying to conquer the West” (which is where the billboard faced)