The Dope goes global. What are your thoughts?

Let’s say that the Dope becomes home to some sort of viral Intarweb phenomenon, and gets international attention. The story, or post, or whatever is of no consequence here. The fact is (in this scenario) that the Dope message boards are common knowledge. Even your Aunt that refuses to use the TV remote because it’s “evil” knows about the Dope.

How does this impact you? How does this impact the SDMB? How does this affect your opinion of the SDMB?

At the risk of sounding elitist, I’d have to say that I’m not in favor of a mass influx of people that might dilute the knowledge pool here. Would this be the tipping point between a membership goal that the Reader may or may not have, and a collapse of the boards very purpose?

Enquiring minds want to know!

I say bring it on!

Oh, you wanna fight?

Yeah? Do ya?

Really? You wanna do this?

I’m actually not so keen on that. Perhaps you could just send a meany-bo-beeny email to my Mom. She’s good at keeping bullys away from me. I have asthma.

We approached the brink of that with the famous LOTR thread. We’ve even been Slashdotted.

I reckon it’d be one heck of a buzz … :slight_smile:

It might be annoying at first, but I feel like this place takes care of itself. To stay here and bear the timeouts recently it must mean you really enjoy it. If you enjoy it you will sort of change your style to fit in (can anyone say hive mind). So the newbies will start to understand our unwritten rules, personalities, blatant sarcasm, memes, and references.

I wasn’t a doper the first day I signed up. I beleive I became one over time.

It would only be English speakers, so there goes a large chunk of people. I would get pissed if like some other sites, every post has assholes that pile on the poster because they hate Americans. I think all of you seen it on many other sites.

If we became hot overnight the newbies could overwhelm the current members 2 or 3 to 1. At that instant our socienty would be destroyed & the SDMB would become just like what the newbies have done to every other message board. We couldn’t possibly assimilate (ie retrain) that many new users at once.

If, OTOH, we slowly gained membership over the course of a couple years to be 2 or 3 x the current size, that’d be assimilable. the SDMB would be different for it, but still recognizable to a Charter Member.
I think a lot has to do with the OP’s unstated issue of why we suddenly became hot.

If it was just the latest trendy place to hang out, and idjit people did it just because other idjit people did it, that’d be the worst. At least until the howling mob disappeared one day to follow the next fad, whatever it might be.

If we became respected, sorta like Wikipedia, a place where most came to read & only a few to write, well that’d be swell.

You haven’t been reading enough Pit threads, dood.

If it’s any reflection on what may happen if we go global, I was once reading one of Cecil’s books and someone came up to me and asked, in all seriousness, if there was a Gay Dope.

More people is better. Different people is good.
I agree that we’d get overrun if we got very popular overnight. We’d have to quadruple the moderators to stop the spamming and stomp out the abusive and toolish.


I think it would just be a matter or riding it out. Someone else said the timeouts would get rid of a lot of people, and can you imagine the timeouts? The board crashes if three people try to search for something at the same time, now imagine what it would do it it was hit by what would amount to a DOS. I think the servers might catch fire.
Anyways, the people who endure the timeouts will then be futher filtered out when the guest membership runs out. Anyone who stays after that, will probably be one of us. I’m sure we’d have socks for a month or two, but in the end I think we’d survive.

Apparently, Star Trek lore has slithered its way into my skull.

I’m not a Trekkie, either.

I have actually wished that there might be SDMBs in other languages as well. It would make for an interesting experiment – to see how much of the culture of the original would influence the foreign-language spinoffs.

Judging by the number of times you can’t get into the SDMB, if it went global it would be the most exclusive worldwide phenomena since Studio 54. I see TomNDeb and Frank and crew all sitting by the door in hip threads on velvet stools looking at IPs and saying “Nope, too many midwesterners already. Ooh, think you’re getting in with that public library IP- what are ya drunk or something? Nope— ooh, I-Phone, you’re in…”.

Are you a C-3Peon?

I say let them all in, charge them the $15 and ban them right away. That might raise enough funds for a Pentium II or maybe even better servers.

Ah, the smell of roasting hamsters … :eek: Get your roasted rodents here. Hamster onna stick.

Yes, I think a major influx would be a shock at first, but I reckon the bad people would soon get bored and bugger off. I suppose it would be worrisome if we had an invasion of “Leet” types (or however the hell that word is meant to be written) but we either get them housetrained or wait until they run off looking for new amusement.

A more varied geographical mix might be good.

Have I told you lately that I love you?

The early thread I started when that took place:

When the Beatles appeared on their historical Ed Sullivan show appearance this conversation occurred:

Attendant: Are you nervous?
Paul: No, we are felling good.
Attendant: You should be, there are 73 million people watching!
Paul: (grumpy now) Well! Thanks a lot!

As I said then: I will still post as usual, whereas is only hundreds that read my posts in a popular thread, or that it could be hundreds of thousands is a fact that tells me only that I need to to be as accurate as possible in my posts.