The Dope Has Infiltrated My Mind

I was perusing Costco (love, love, love, love, love the pizza) and I see big boxes of food. Some of them say there’s zero grams of fat on them. Except they don’t write it out like that.

They say: 0g fat.
I read: Og fat.
I think: “Og wouldn’t like being called “fat”. Og would definitely smash.”

Maybe I should have stayed lurking.

Welcome back again.

Like the new hamsters?

This means I’ll be seeing “Og fat” now too, ta. Oh, the heresy … Think somewhere there’s a Weightwatcher’s Church of Og? :slight_smile:

They nice. Nice and fast like a good hamster oughta be.

I was SO jealous when the “edit” function came up and I couldn’t take advantage of it. I almost comandeered gonzomax’s screename just to use it.

So how does that diet plan work? Look at a brownie and get the Mighty Club of Og smashing the brownie and plate with a stern look from Og and answering it with a long head hang?

:smiley: Might work. Be hell on the crockery, mind. :wink:

I can imagine after getting your brownie and plate shattered, you’d look over at the cheesecake, then at Og, who would almost certainly answer you with a silent, Dikembe-Mutombo-like finger wag.