You Know You're A Doper When ...

I was having lunch today, and on the wall of the place I was eating at they advertised one of their sandwiches with this phrase (among others):

  • 0g Added Trans Fat

And, so help me Og, I read that as (yup, you can see this coming):

  • Og Added Trans Fat

(for those who made the same mistake I did, the first “word” in the first one is “0g”, that is “zero grams”, my misreading in the second one had the first word as “Og”, that is, SDMB quasi-deity.)

(Side rant, why say “0g trans fat”, why not just “no trans fat”???

Anyone else had these moments like that?

(And I’ve only been a doper for two months or so, ye gods! :eek:)

When having a disagreement with someone IRL, and you ask them “Cite?!?”

…you can’t seem to get through a real-life conversation without remarking, “I remember a thread about that, once…”

You have a weird dream and you wanted to post it on the Dope.

You have an accident, and instead of calling your family first, you post it on the Dope

You find your SO through the Dope

When a server asks if you need anything else and you ask for Bacon Salt [SUP]®[/SUP].

News of a celebrity’s death makes you think “How many points?” or “Who had him?”

My sister is very hooked into a variety of sources for breaking news alerts. For the last couple of years when she becomes aware a celebrity has died she’s called me and said “Did you have ________ in the Death Pool?”

My contribution to a lot of conversations includes the phrase “we had a thread about…”

Double points for posting from the ER/hospital room.

I had the nearly the exact same thing happen to me about a year ago. I was leafing through a magazine and came across a beer ad with “0g fat” in big white letters. It didn’t click for me right away that it was a 0, so I said “What the hell, why are they making a reference to Og in this magazine?” Then I got it. Felt pretty damn stupid for a while, but at least I’m not alone. :smiley:

Well maybe there isn’t no fat - maybe there’s some, but they round it up to the nearest gram so it becomes zero grams.

(Or maybe I’m just in a pedantic mood)

It’s a proclamation: “Og, FAT!” Who knew?

Both of these. Jesus Christ, I drive my friends and family batty saying these.

Also, I hardly ever read the newspaper or watch the news anymore, except for local news, because whatever’s happening is going to be discussed more intelligently and more in-depth here than anywhere else.

Yes, that’s right - the Dope is my news source.


Mine too.

A few years back, a big hoopla was made because Bush neither read newspapers nor watched TV news. Well, neither do I! This place is far more accurate and informs me of the salient news stories.

These actually work quite well at DopeFests.

When you see an ad for Alfa Romeo that involves the Marianas Trench, you wonder if it was down there for more than 20 minutes.

I wouldn’t say the Dope is my news source, but I’m guessing roughly half of my awareness of popular culture these days comes from hanging out in CS. (The other half comes from NPR.)

To answer the OP: A lot of times when I see something stupid or funny or interesting IRL, I start composing a post about it in my head. (Even though 99% of the time the mental posts never make it to the SDMB.)

When you see 0g Fat, you think

band name!

You go to the grocery store to get something so you can add a data point to a discussion.

I’ve done that! Well, actually, I was going to buy it anyway. But I checked the label for nutritional content so I could post it.

I didn’t make a special trip or anything, but I was thinking about the thread when I made the purchase.