The Dopers' Valentine Bash

As it was with the beach party last summer, so Dopers meet for Valentine’s Day. The banquet hall is festooned with red hearts, silhouetts of Cupid, arrows, the word “Love” in scores of languages, and–something no Dopers’ Valentine party would be without-- a replica of the bullet-hole-riddled wall on North Clark Street.

Tables are set with the usual dishware, along with little boxes of Conversation Hearts, champagne glasses, cute party favors, and–at the head of each table–a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Pictrures of the Grerat Loveers of history line the walls, including Groucho Marx–as a joke.

Now Dopers start coming in, some in couples, some alone. Appropriately, the first one to enter the hall is…

.EmilyG, who sets up a batch of heart-shaped sugar cookies on the table.

…wait, we had a beach party?

Sorry. Carry on…

Do we have a kissing booth for this party?

Yes, but there is but a token charge: 25c or something like that.

Yes, Sunspace, we had a beach parrty. Sorry you misdsed it.

Dougie_monty picks up a flutter whist;le andf blows it teasingly at Sunspace. :smiley:

Baker also brings in heart shaped, iced sugar cookies, with little heart-shaped pink and red sprinkles on them.

And chocolates too. There is a lovely chocolate shop here in Topeka, Hazel Hill’s. Pricey but worth it, they aren’t a chain. I’m wearing my t-shirt I bought there,


Is swampbear coming? I’d like to see him again!

I’m here, well-dressed and with a bright red tie. I brought a red velvet cake. How’s everyone doing?

Dougie_monty says, “Just fine,” and samples an appetizer.

Just then a Doper couple approach. The wife is particularly attractive. Dougie blushes and says in a complimentary manner, “Some guys have all the luck.” :slight_smile:

Thanks, but my wife didn’t come to the party.

I would have been delighted…:slight_smile:

And all are interrupted by a loud crash as bobot falls and knocks over a table. Stumbling to his feet, never losing his grasp on the bottle of whiskey in his hand, and with a tear falling from his eye, he looks around and mutters: “Holly?”

And while attendants take care of Bobot, people here and there ask each other if Holly is present…

Did anybody bring champagne? We have to have champagne on Valentine’s Day.

I’ve got some pink sparkling wine. It’s not real champagne, though - it’s sham champagne.

I wonder if I should give some to bobot.

That’s us! And we say to Dougie_montie, “Why, thank you, kind sir.” And I know I am very lucky, indeed.

We didn’t bring real champagne, but we did bring some zinfandel from the Paso Robles wine country. Would anyone like some? It is quite good.

We also brought See’s chocolates, a California treat. Not pricey, but it’s very good and always rates well in competitions against the pricey stuff. It is a good value, and it’s from just up the road from where we live. See’s is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I’ve got bottles of champagne err, sparking wine as it is from everywhere but France.
I’m also an expert with cork artwork. :wink:

I remember See’s chocolates very fondly, from when I was stationed in Monterey, California. The See’s shop was the first candy store I’d seen that let you pick out individual chocolates. You could get a whole box of your favorites.

Sham champagne is fine, or that pink zinfandel. An appropriate color for the holiday. I want to feel mellow.

Hermit wanders in, alone, hoping someone will help him celebrate his 2nd anniversary of his liver and kidney transplant. Also, being separated, he wouldn’t mind meeting someone.

Don’t have much to bring, but is there anything I can help with?

: wanders in wearing a red fez :
I picked up 3 bottles of Korbel, will that do?

And dougie_monty shows his contriibution: a case of sparkling apple cider, for teetotalers such as himself. :slight_smile: