The dragon is at what?

Sorry, no RPG or political content here, this is another thread about crazy people.

First of all, some family history as far back as I can recount (all the men–the girls are all reasonably normal:

W.R. Montoya: “Explosively unpredictable” or “just plain batshit crazy” and mean. Alcoholic. Brilliant airplane & automotive mechanic. Evidently the more stable of a pair of brothers, sons of a “rugged individualist” who drifted accross Canada. Possible decendent of William Wallace–positive link pending.

his sons:
**W.T. **: Garden variety manic/depressive. Brilliant mechanic. Usualy non-violent. Alcoholism restrained through force of will alone.
T.R. : Sociopath, convicted pedophile, high-ranking FAA official. Brilliant. All-around jerk. Alcoholic.
S.D. : Explosively unpredictable, alcoholic, in and out of jail, street-fighter, successful businessman.
R.T. : Pilot, excellent airplane mechanic (self-taught jet mechanic), alcoholic.

their sons:
T.R. : Megalomaniac, asshole, not really all that bright.
J.T. : Psychopath (diagnosed & treating), addict, alcoholic, self-taught computer hardware/software programming (Pascal, DOS & C) in 4 months while recuperating from near-fatal motorcycle accident. Unpredictable on a good day.
Me : Well, I’m one of them. On paper: bipolar II with some schizoaffective stripes.

My son. The last male leaf on this branch of the tree. Diagnosed (as closely as you can diagnose a 7 year old) with Juvenile onset bipolar disorder. Textbook case based on behaviors and family history, and the first to be in a postion to receive early treatment before the illness has a chance to make his life realy difficult. So the question: do we just castrate him now? or do we allow the madness to go on?

You love him with all your heart. It may not seem like much, but it’s your best shot.

Yes, you make sure he stays in treatment, probably for the rest of his life. At some time, not now, but before he gets all reproductive, you let him know the whole picture on his genetic heritage. All that is loving him.

The decision not to have children is his. Eugenics, even in a family setting is not a pretty thing. Truth, and responsibility are possible, even in the midst of mental illness. Now the hard thing. Look at your own history as a parent. Did you set an example that will help him become a father to his children, should he acquire them by non genetic means? He has a model for that behavior already. It isn’t a sure thing that the absence of genetic progeny is the end of the line for the family.

I pray for blessings on your troubled family. You show uncommon courage, and an admirable sense of responsibility to put that harsh light upon your own trials.