The elephant in the room [Christie's keynote speech]

Didn’t catch it, but just saw Rachel Maddow calling it disappointing and egotistical, while Chris Matthews felt it was a barnburner. Which was it?

You can watch it at:

first 7 minutes about his mom and respect and America… then swings to telling about his time as the mostest wonderfulest governor evah (sure, the truth got stretched and you could hear it squealing in the background… but he countered that by saying “truth” a lot)

at 11:00 - the swing into ‘we v them’ begins (truth squeals loudly as it is thrown out the window). Tells how seniors are not selfish and want vouchers for their kids and are scared by the mean Democrats. Tells how teachers don’t want paid, love of children is more than enough. Dems believe in unions … oh, the horror!

@ 14:30 - tells how attractive the GOP is… the power of their ideas are vunderful… Dems suck. (Still hasn’t said Romney’s name yet?) Dems fault that nothing gets done.

16:30 (of 24 minutes) finally mentions Romney / Ryan (Ann doesn’t look too thrilled with the way he’s talking about Romney… Romney looks like he’s in idle mode (screen saver face is running)

18:30 done with Romney… now talking up himself again. Lots of we, us, America, leadership and obligatory Obama bashing. The fix is gonna hurt, tough choices, shared sacrifice, beating the Nazi’s… what will the grand kids say about us? something about a “Second American Century” (? Wha… were all those bi-centennial events just a Hallmark marketing program?)

22:30 singing into “The GREAT AMERICAN WAY” – Masters of Destiny and lots of Martin Luther King cadence speech. Makes people stand up (oops, mentioned Mitt)

23:30 We answer the call … stand up for Mittens (shot of Mitt… screen saver face engaged).

God Bless You and God Bless America finale.

So, um, 3 mentions of Mitt and one mention of Ryan… I’m gonna rate it at 95% targeted at being “That break out speech” for his 2016 campaign (but he was the Keynote)

:rolleyes: Fattest preacher there ever will be.

I heard he contacted the White House to see if they still have the William Howard Taft bathtub.

I guffawed when he characterized Mitt Romney as someone who tells people the hard truths that they need to hear. Really? The perfectly lubricated wind vane is a hard truth teller?

Any hard truth worth hearing can be written on an Etch A Sketch.

Loved the way Chris Matthews described Romney’s reaction to Christie’s speech- said he looked like Prince Charles watching the natives dance in New Guinea, then later added that all he was missing was the kilt. Old Tweety’s on fire lately, earlier this week he actually called out Rance Priebus on the race-baiting in the Romney campaign.

Someone (forget who) on MSNBC this morning pointed out that the key from Christie’s speech was “will.” As in “We will tell you the truth.”

And it’s true. Someday, I’m sure, the Republicans will tell us the truth. Just not anytime soon.

Echo chamber echoes.

I watched it and thought it was decent. There were a couple of times where I was like, “What? That’s not true.”, but overall not bad.

The part I thought was the funniest was when Christie said, “We do not need to divide the country to win.” or something like that. THe applause sounded a little faint, as if the audience was thinking, “We don’t?” But in his experience, you don’t have to. Chris Christie has shown how Republicans can persuade even blue state voters and Republicans should learn from that.

That’s why they rented the biggest hall in Tampa.

The only thing worse than listening to that fat pig is living under him. He’s a horrible governor. He whines the teachers are overpaid while his own administration wastes education funds due to incompetence. He turned down much needed money to improve road service between NJ and NYC. He’s crude, obnoxious and unlikeable. He represents every ugly stereotype people have about this state in one person. NJ currently has the 4th worst unemployment stats in the nation so he even sucks at attracting business and jobs here.

As a New Yorker turned New Jerseyan I just don’t think he gets the place. I moved here because there are seventeen kids in a classroom as opposed to twenty-five in most New York classrooms. I moved here because it was a reasonable commute, not Long Island and would allow us a nice back yard.

So what does he do? He attacks the teachers even though the NJ schools are frankly excellent. He turns down money to make my husband’s commute easier. He cuts taxes on the wealthy and then forces the middle class to make up the difference.

He’s a miserable putz and I hope the voters of this state send his ass packing next year.

Did anyone else feel queasy with the slowly moving cloudy blue background behind him? I swear I was getting seasick, and I never get seasick.

I was in the car and caught a little bit of the speech on the radio. It was the “what we believe as Republicans and what they believe as Democrats” bit. It was fascinating; I didn’t know half that stuff.

On the subject of the economy, “it doesn’t matter how we got here, there’s enough blame to go around”. No, Governor, it does matter. the way you prevent something from happening a second time is to understand how it happened the first time.

And tell us more about “shared sacrifice” Governor. For example, what sacrifice is your party calling on millionaires to make?

If you haven’t seen that clip (Matthews v. Priebus on Morning Joe last week) you must find it. I was listening to it on the radio and literally cheered in my car.

That’s exactly what my wife did. She was pissed that the other MSNBC commentators thought he’d gone over the line. She wanted to send Chris flowers. She was literally about to call the florist, and look up the MSNBC address, but in the end she decided to put that energy into something more useful, like hooking up with a phone bank to help voters in swing states conform to the idiotic new voter ID laws.

That’s an accurate assessment of the reaction within the convention site of any political convention nowadays.

I listened to both his and Ann Romney’s speeches, and tried to keep an open ear to what they were saying. Romney’s speech came across as sincere, although the notion of them struggling as they lived in a basement apartment with five boys was a bit much, knowing that Daddy Warbucks was there to bail them out if needed.

The Hamburgler’s speech was puzzling to me. It was all about Christie and nothing of substance about Romney or the coming election. As an attack dog, he’s more of a Chihuahua than a pit bull, and as a “red meat” speech, it was more like tofu. Oddly enough, the comments he made that attacked WDC politics, grandstanding and inaction seemed to be directed at the Republican House, rather than at Dems, and he pretty much let Obama off the hook entirely. All told, I think they scored few points with swing voters or women with these speeches, and even the attendees seemed fairly bored with most of it.

I just realized who the guy reminds me of: Jeff Garlin.

I kinda got taht feeling during the entire Republican primary. Romney was kind of looking around thinking “who the fuck are these yahoos and why is the only other reasonably normal person on this stage another mormon”

Then at the RNC, he was kind of looking around thinking “so THIS is why I was losing all those fucking primaries”

He has no idea how he’s going to ride herd on this crowd and frankly I don’t think you can.

Well, the 20th Century was “The American Century,” when the U.S. became the world’s leading superpower. Neocons want another – see the Project for a New American Century (now defunct . . . or is it? [dramatic music]).