The emergency MMP

Our draftee never showed this morning, and it’s now 1400 EST. I’m jonesing my MMP, so this is a placeholder.

Want an emergency so there’s some semblance of an OP? I had one yesterday. I took the dog outside, and heard water running under the house. My main line coming in had sprung a leak, and created a small river under the house. The fix wan’t hard but had suckiness because it involved digging in a crawlspace to get to the leak.

Rosie Rosie Rosie, when come back bring OP!

Can it be? Yes it is!

My first time at being first, and on the last time I’ll be able to even try to be first for a good while.

So rare to have the opportunity out here on the West Coast, and the next time I’ll be able to read an MMP on a Monday, I’ll be on the East Coast.

More later about the antics of the trustees and people who don’t want us to stay in this house…



Okay, that’s all I got. I managed to find 10 mins between meetings to visit my desk and check email, with just enough time to poke my head in and check for a new MMP.

Vundy to the rescue. :slight_smile:

Third? Fourth? Meh, whatever.

I mentioned in the remnants of the previous MMP that I think I’m coming down with yet another cold – but this one is kind of odd. I’ve got that icky sensation in the back of my nose; you know the one, where you feel like you’ve got some mucous there or something but can’t get rid of it? And swallowing feels icky? Well, I’ve got that. But that’s all I’ve had since last night. It’s gotten maybe marginally worse between going to bed last night and waking up this morning, but hasn’t progressed since then. No runny nose, no cough, no congestion to speak of. Maybe I might get lucky and this will be it. Please?

What’s worse though is that I have a toothache. I’ve been popping AC&C tabs (acetominophen and codeine – they’re available over the counter in Canada), and I have a few emergency Percocet (oxycodone) if I really need it. It still sucks though, because whenever I swallow a certain way my tongue presses against it which causes it to hurt more, so I have to swallow a bit differently to prevent that from happening. sigh That’s what I get for making the dumbassed decision not to take care of my teeth when I was younger. But I suppose that was part and parcel of my self-loathing childhood.

Not to be downer though, I’ve dove into the iPhone development pool. Just going through some Stanford lectures right now, and getting my feet wet. It’s a daunting task and rather intimidating, but I’m forcing myself to sit and learn. I really want to do this, and it’s about damn time I stop procrastinating and get to it. It’s a big mountain to climb, but the view from the top will be lovely. Assuming I don’t get eaten by a mountain lion.

Dang Mindude, eaten by a mountain lion? There’s an app for that? :smiley:

What? It’d be a really jake one!

Howdy Y’all! I survived workin’ on a Monday which I have not done in ages. Go me.

So, two more days to work, then off for Turkey Day, then two more days to work. Woo and hoo.

Dindin tonight shall be potato/corn soup. It’s potato soup with whole kernel corn. A little trick I learned a few years back. The corn adds a wonderful texture to the soup. Plus, I threw in some chunks of smoked ham for good measure. MMMMMMMM… 'twill be gooooooooooooooood!

I am chillin’ with a beerverage whilst it simmers. Anon, I shall make cornbread.

Sorry taxi I’m fifth! :stuck_out_tongue:

OYKW is leavin’ Wednesday to go see family for TDay. I’ll be goin’ up to see mine after I get off work Sattidy. On Turkey Day proper, I shall feast with some friends of mine. Remember the two sweet N.O.T. I was supposed to make for a friend to take to a TDay dinner in exchange for bein’ at da cave for the new washer? Turns out they’re for the same dinner. At the time I assumed I was workin’ that day. So, I asked what now and was told to bake the pies and I offered to bring the dressin’, cause down south we don’t eat stuffin’, we eat dressin’. So I shall. Plus also, I have been informed that I shall be the gravy chef cause I make it good and nobody wants to hear me carryin’ on if the gravy ain’t right. After all, if the gravy ain’t right, then might as well throw the rest of the stuff out, right? Right? Y’all do agree, right?

gotti I am on pins and needles awaiting tales of antics.

Yay for BBBobbio for the emergency MMP. I hope BioRosie is ok.

Sorry taxi, I’m fifth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Woohoo I’m 6th!

I’m training someone today, which is good because it means another person to help. But at the same time, it sucks having someone looking over your shoulder all day. Can’t surf the 'Dope! That and my throat’s sore from talking all the time. Not used to talking much at all!

Good weekend here - saw (but didn’t stick around for the book signing) Pioneer Woman on Sat with a friend/coworker. Then saw a coworker’s plane with KT. KT has his pilot’s license but isn’t “current” which means he can’t fly without a medical exam and (I think) a flight with an instructor. Or something. Anyway, Coworker can’t fly right now so has offered to let KT use his plane for the cost of flight time, which is a pretty good deal. So KT’s deciding if he has time to do all of that. And in any case it was fun to see the plane. If freezing. The hanger was 48 (degrees F), and we were there for ~45 min, and I was underdressed for the occasion. Oh well. I’ll know for next time. Then we all (Coworker, Coworker’s wife, Other Coworker who came along just 'cause, KT, and I) went out to eat at a Brazilian cafe. Good stuff.

Sunday we went to a play with a different coworker. The only people I know here are either from church or work, and this weekend was definitely a coworker weekend. Play was funny, but we were all glad we had discount tickets… not worth more than $10. Then we had dinner at a soul food kind of restaurant. Really good stuff.

Now back to training. Wheeee!


BBBobbio went to all this trouble to post a MMP and nobody posts. Are y’all tryin’ to hurt his feelin’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

Soup and cornbread good! Da bear has happy tummy.

Ok, I don’t have much to say, but hey! It’s the first page!
Hubby’s having a bad week. One of the guys on his crew died Thursday. The funeral was today. Hubby worked yesterday (24 hours) and was supposed to go from there. Since the funeral was an hour and a half away, the company was providing two busses that would hit all the stations for anyone wanting to go.
Hubby took his class-As so he could go. He hasn’t worn them for a long time. He didn’t try them on at home. (bad idea) Everything fit except the shirt. He couldn’t button the neck. He’d messed up the regular shirt he wore to work, so couldn’t even wear his regular uniform.
He just came home. He didn’t want to be disrespectful by looking like a slob. :frowning:

He’s sleeping now. I’ll let him sleep.

I started this thread, and I haven’t posted. I guess I’ll have to hurt my own feelings. :p:p

Off to the Mayberry VFD dinner meeting for the month. A couple of the probies are cooking tonight.

We’re still not having fun so no more emergencies for us, thanks.

Thanks for starting the new MMP, Bobbio.

Hugs for Dotty and Pie and anyone else I’ve missed.

Long day. Again. This is getting kinda old.

Need to make it to World Market to use my $20 off a $50+ purchase coupon. Gotta use it before Wednesday and I’m guessing things will be crazy by then. Tomorrow, I’ll be using my JoAnn’s coupons.

Back after a bit.


Mindy’s post reminded me I haven’t been to the dentist in donkey’s. I’m afraid to go at this point for fear they’ll tell me all my teeth are going to fall out. I take terrible care of my teeth.

Another busy day, full of history quizzes and teacher’s guides.

We’ve spent another day being educated at the hospital. I think we’ve impressed the hospital staff with A) our relative quickness at picking up things they’re throwing at us, and B) our terrible sense of humour. I think the social worker was a bit disappointed to find us not wanting to be led through the emotional process of grieving or dealing with suppressed rage or something.

I thought she wouldn’t think it was funny if we said we’d dug a just-in-case hole in the backyard, so if we need to kill our toddler, we’re prepared. I think the nurse they’ve assigned us would think it was funny. She’s got teenagers. She understands parental rage.
(Waves generally to everybody)

Loooooooong day at work. I am buried and more work just keeps cascading down on me. I don’t know whether I’m foot or horseback.:frowning:

Thanks for getting us started, Bobbio.

Here’s hoping you’ve received some good news WRT your Dad, Pie.

Ugh, I’m tired; so very tired. I need to figure out what to cook for dinner. I need to eat too, because I skipped lunch (too busy), and I’ll I have to drink to day is one sixteen ounce Americano.

Back later, if I don’t crash and burn.

10-hour day. Very tired. Unofficial Roommate was walking the dogs on the treadmill when I came in. Too tired to ask him how things are going. Will ask later.

GM likes the fact that I’ll work bitch shifts. This ensures that TPTB will try their best to give me my 40 hours a week. See, German heritage come in handy sometimes. :slight_smile:

  1. For those of you who have a World Market nearby: don’t know if it’s chainwide, but they had 2 really good coupons in their weekly ad here (one for $5 off of a purchase of $20 or more; one for $20 off of a purchase of $50 or more).

  2. Whole Foods had samples of extremely yummy brie with pumpkin/ginger compote. Had to try it twice. (Just to make sure it was actually yummy, of course.)

  3. When you don’t connect the power supply the laptop and leave the laptop on, the battery eventually runs out of juice. Just FYI, of course.

Hee,** LiLi**. The two of you are amazingly sensible.

Back to knitting. Nearly done with my first sock.


We have World Market in this neck of the woods. I’m hoping to hit it soon, so I can pick up some lebkuchen cookies and dominosteines.

Where to start?

My fingers seem to be truly shorter. Makes sense, as they’ve been worked to the bone with all of this overtime. I’m just hoping there’s something left over to make it worthwhile after the IRS gets their mitts on my paychecks. Think I rang up something like 14 hours the week before last, 11 hours last week and six hours this week, not counting any double-time hours that I work on Thanksgiving.

The Dickens Christmas Fair opens this week. Sadly, we’ll only be there for this one weekend as next Monday is Epoxy The Locks and Leave Day.

No, we’re not planning to disable the locks when we leave, but the bank’s antics have made it very tempting. We got a gaggle of notices in the mail that the house will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps in two weeks. :eek: Our attorney says they can’t do that, so she called them and set them straight. They have to wait until somewhere in February.

Really makes no difference to us - whether we mail the keys to the bank after we leave, or if we just wait for them to take the house, we’ll be gone and our credit files are shot to hell anyway.

It’s just a shame that gardener was clumsy and managed to cut the sprinkler valve wiring with their weedwhacker. On all the valves, and even in the underground valve box. :dubious: And… What dishwasher? To use the terminology of the server administrators, some of the upgrades we’ve made to the house have been backed out. Nothing horrible or dramatic like ripping out the carpeting, but the outdoor panel I installed to power a hot tub is gone, a grid of holes is all that remains after shelving has been taken down from the office, and all of the LAN stuff will be removed for re-use at our new home. Those RJ-45 jacks are expensive!

On a much happier (and somewhat frightening) note, some people in the Carolinas want us to start up an East Coast version of the Dickens Christmas Fair.

When I first found out about this, I turned pale as I know the herculean efforts needed to mount a 360-degree immersive theatrical experience. My mind was reeling with thoughts of “We’re going to need a gigantic empty building! We need insurance! We need a surprising amount of electricity! We need actors! Dancers! Singers! Set builders! People who know how to herd cats!” and on and on.

I also realized that we need at a very minimum, tolerance from the people who produce the Dickens Christmas Fair. Last thing we’d need is a cease and desist letter in November citing trademark infringement or whatever. So, we talked to the DCF people. They’ll not only tolerate our efforts, THEY WILL HELP US! So long as we abide by their specifications, they’re willing to lend their name and sort of co-produce the event. No problem there! We’ve been DCF participants long enough to know what the vision is and to embrace it as our own. So now, Step One is to get financial backing. Great heaps of it. Anyone want to underwrite us? :smiley:

My bad - I got home after 10:30 last night and crawled right into bed. I didn’t wake up until 11:am and that was only because Smokey was relentless.

I had a really nice weekend. I drove about an hour east to pick up my friend, because Cousin was going to travel with different friend who lives a few blocks from her. I picked up LI friend and we traveled another hour east (and still didn’t hit the ocean - LI is really long). We took the ferry from almost the tip of the north fork to New London, CT. A relaxing 90 minute ride with minimal turbulence and lovely scenery. Back on I95, lunch at a Cracker Barrel near West Warwick, RI, and checked in at the hotel in Braintree, MA by 2:45pm.

More tomorrow evening after I get the photos uploaded.

What does crap feel like when it’s not well? Whatever it is, that’s what I feel like. I got chills. (They’re multiplyin’) Not cool.

Goin’ to bed. Back tomorrow, hopefully feeling a little better maybe.