A Happy Birthday MMP

Happy Birthday Noone Special!

Lunch- you are one of my favorite buds on and off the boards. You’re a great friend and have helped me through some tough patches. So, I think you deserve a whole thread dedicated to you.

Eek. Please don’t hurt me! :smiley:

How about we make it about birthdays in general?

My favorite birthday was probably my fortieth. My family took me down to Cape Cod, my favorite place on earth. I awoke around 5 in the morning on my birthday, walked down to he beach by myself and watched the sky lighten. I could smell the salt in the air and I watched the waves crashing on the beach. There was nowhere else I wanted to be at that moment in time.

Of course I ended up with a terrible sunburn and I spiraled into a pretty deep depression that two years later I am just coming out of… but that moment, on the beach, everything was pretty perfect.

First! I’ll tell a birthday tale later. Gotta get my ugly sleep…


But don’t forget to wish Lunch a happy birthday! It’s Monday where he is!

Ok, that was bad. Now for a real post…



I am a summer baby. Meanin’ every year on my birthday, I didn’t have to go to school. I could run around all day bein’ my little heathen self then come home, get presents and have cake and ice cream.

That was good as a cub. However, as a grown bear, it still kinda sucks to work on my birthday. The cub in me thinks I should get to run around all day bein’ my big heathen self and then come home, get presents and have cake and ice cream. :smiley:

Yay Noone!

I don’t really care much for birthdays. My last birthday I was in Greece on vacation. Although my boyfriend did give me the best gift ever - a new guitar.

Then there was this one birthday than began with tequila and ended with me drunk in a taxi and a friend of mine trying to confess his undying love to me while I tried not to be sick.

[del]Third![/del]Sixth!:smiley: I usually work on my birthday. Why? The Canes always have a game a day or two afterward, and I take that day off and tailgate as a birthday present.

Happy Birthday Lunch!!!

doggie, you need to keep up. :dubious:

checks the time Yes, it’s already Monday.

Cumpleaños feliz,
cumpleaños feliz,
te deseamos Dani,
cumpleaños feeeeeeeliiiiiiiiiiiiz

If you don’t like that shade of blue, not my problem: I do, and it’s my singing, so you’re stuck with it!

I’m a mid-March baby, so usually it’s Lent. That meant things like “forget about celebrating it on a Friday” even if it happened to be Friday. It also meant that almost every year one of the two nearest weekends was was the weekend my parents went to Spiritual Exercises; it’s yet another place in which I got to play elder sister not just to my own brothers but to a gaggle of kids I wasn’t even related to. Sometimes it feels like my childhood was spent trying to keep two dozen ever-changing brats from killing each other :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was in high school, it was always the Rectorales, the school’s party weekend. Dinner with your class / your friends /whatever but outside your house followed by a dance at a local disco on Friday, fun and games at the school on Saturday, Mass and fun and games on Sunday. The 12th graders got to have dinner and dance at the school on Saturday, but any similarity with an American graduation party is an unintentional coincidence. So in high school I got to PARTEEEEE for my birthday without going through the angst of organizing a birthday party to which not a single boy would come, because I share my birthday with one of my male classmates and our mothers refused to merge both parties. This is specially sucky when you’re in an inactive state of war with most of the class’s girls.

The bestestest birthday ever was the year I turned 13. That year’s Spiritual Exercises were in our town (15-20’ from our house on foot, through streets with almost no traffic) and I was allowed to sleep at home. I still had to be in the House at 10am and stay until 8pm (when they had dinner), to babysit, but man… I had our flat all to myself. I could watch TV (not that there was much to watch, but I could) without being told to switch it off or being subjected to a stream of criticism; and on Saturday, the nun who was the official “caretaker of children” gave me permission to leave at 6, so I got to catch most of Tocata, which along with the Sunday morning classical concert was 100% of music programming at the time - and I watched it without Dad providing commentary. And I could play music at volumes higher than the absolute minimum, and read a book lying down on the bed without being yelled at, and when I woke up I didn’t need to be careful to avoid waking anybody up.

Freedom. The bestest birthday present EVER.

Well, OK: we’ll accept “life” as a close second.

Happy Birthday, SO!!! Hope you have a great day!

Off to sleepy-bye…


Otenjobi Omidetto Gozaimas, Echod.

Happy Birthday Special One!

Whee! I don’t recall any really special birthday, although this past one turned out nicely because I went up to wish my Dad happy birthday on his 80th, on September 13th. My mom wrote in my baby book about my birthdays, through age 10–sometimes a party, but other times just the family. It’s nice to be able to read over those descriptions, especially seeing my mom’s handwriting.

We do Fall birthdays in my family----Papa Vorlon was the 8th of October, I’m the 9th, and if all had gone according to plan, Vorlon Jr was scheduled to be decanted on the 10th.

So much for plans—he showed on the 26th of September, after being induced twice—seems he was causeing his mom a few fits—something about a resting heart rate of 200+…

impatient little critter, huh?

Joyeux Anniversaire, Nooner!!!

Thanks Mr Swampus for the cornbread recipes. Is it acceptable to add to the recipe - like shredded cheese, sliced jalapenos, bacon bits???

Now, does anyone have a good chili recipe?

My birthday is in August, which around the northern hemisphere is a nice, summery kind of thing, but home in Australia it always sucked to have an August birthday, because I always wanted a pool party - not possible in the dead of the Australian winter (which, I admit, bears a close resemblance to an English summer).

Happy Birthday Special One!!!

Hi everyone!!!

I’ll try to come back, but y’all know how it goes in my little world…

:: waving madly :: Hi kai!!!

:o ( <-- That’s me, blushing!)

Thanks, Ivory – I’m really touched :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll try to be as gentle as possible :wink:

Hi Kai! I was just asking about you a week or two ago! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

Thanks you everyone else for the **extremely **multi-lingual brithday wishes…! :smiley: (Rosie… ??? :confused: :)) Oh – and Nava (and others who used the same color), of course Blue-on-White is a good color for me. Just take a look at any passing Israeli flag!

OK, I think it’s high time somebody hijacked the thread… :o

Hey, look, it’s the birthday boy! Did you bring candy to share?

The Uni is still blocking game ips. I know I’ve said it before, but I wish they’d just said in their policy that gaming isn’t allowed (in theory it is), preferably in big blod red lettering.

I thought is was “when come back, bring Pie?”

I’m sure she’ll be along soon enough and then I’ll be able to claim I brought her :smiley:

The big red letters in blood are in the contract, not in the policy… :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: