The End is Nigh....didn't you know?

I just walked back to my apartment and there’s a sign up saying:

Well darn it! I wish I’d been given more notice. Oh well, about 8 and a half hours left ‘til midnight for me. I figure I’d be bold and kiss Cute Flatmate. Probably get a good ol’ slap for it as well. :smack: :stuck_out_tongue: I’d go to Subway like I’ve been dying to do for ages. I ring my parents, tell them how much I love them and how proud I am of them. Go to see AngelicGemma and give her a big goodbye hug. Go feed the swans because I haven’t done that yet. Maybe withdraw all my student loan money and buy all those things the inner Tick is dying to have, things like snowboards and neon bar signs :smiley: . Then go to Domino’s Pizza buy a heap of fattening, and altogether yummy things. Walk to the cathedral and spend the final minutes just in awe of this magnificent and inspiring building.

What about you? How long until midnight and what would you do in that time (seriously)?

14 hours. Gotta hurry to finish that book I’m currently reading.

Maybe I’ll eat some cheese, too.

“Last Day … Capricorn 15s … Year of the City, 2274 … Carousel begins.” :smiley:
Midnight is 14 hours from now. I’d have plenty of time to go out to the suburbs and say farewell to my immediate family. Then I’d come back into town, eat out at the most expensive restaurant I could find, go home, put on my headphones, and listen to music. I’d still be listening when the end came.

Are we talking GMT or EST?

I’d keep playing The Sims 2 until the last possible moment. Then I’d wall off the family, remove the refrigerator, toilets and shower, and let them live out their final moments in agony.

question is - does EVERYONE know it’s the last day? The choices will be constrained somewhat if that’s the case. You’d have to be all kinds of responsible to show up to fill your shift at Pizza Hut or whatever if the world was about to end. :slight_smile:

Whichever you are.

Let’s say you are the only person who knows. If everyone knows, plans go right out the window and it gets real complicated.

So its kinda like a rolling apocalypse?

Hey there are only four horseman. Cut the guys a little slack. They work along the timezones, like Santa!

Damn, 5 hours. Not even close to reading the book. Did eat some cheese, though.

Maybe I’ll water my spider plant instead.

[Rowan Atkinson silly voice ON]

Will this wind be so mighty as to lay low the mount-ains of the earth?

[/Rowan Atkinson silly voice OFF]

There are Subways in Britain now?

Ohhhhhh, yes. :smiley:

Well, I got my memo last week. Didn’t you?

Currently hitching my way towards where Spaceshipone is parked. Figure I might get a free ride, seeing as how its the last day and all.

Breakfast on the day after was surprisingly sedate. Spiderplant is nice and healthy looking. Shouldn’t I be meeting God right about now?

I saved the world last night - incognito, of course, fighting evil in my tights. There will be a movie out next year detailing the ordeal. I will be played by Uma Thurman.

Oh, and you’re welcome.

Thank you. I am most grateful. Please post a photo of yourself in your evil-fighting tights.

I tripped , and was tossed upside-down, but as you can see, I am a superhero, and took time to note the camera nearby and flash an I’ve-Got-It-All-Under-Control smile, and strike a pose. I’d lost my tights by then. Sorry.

No apologies necessary. You’d better stay close by me for the forseeable future, though. I’m apt to find myself in peril quite frequently from now on. :wink:

Down boy. Evidently the strange poster placed randomly on campus was wrong…who’d have thought it??

But what did you do during your “last day” anyway?